Atlanta is a large city with many districts, filled with a plethora of theaters and historic museums, and is home to great architecture. Among these great finds you can also expect to discover a variety of popular design schools in Atlanta. Students are able to study part-time, full-time, online, or through correspondence. Additionally, various levels of design education are available, such as undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, or certifications in specialized areas. Design schools in Atlanta offer courses in a wide-range of fields including design, culinary arts, fashion, photography, game art, and graphic design. Other courses available include architecture, industrial design, digital design, visual communication, and interior design.

Design schools in Atlanta provide students with in-depth descriptions of courses prior to registration, as well as host workshops and career days for prospective students to gain access to the required information so that they may make an informed decision on which school or program to attend. Culinary arts is one course offered by the design schools in Atlanta. This course further branches out in specialized areas in the culinary field. These include hotel and restaurant management, baking and pastry arts, and food and beverage management. Culinary arts chefs are considered to have obtained the skills involved in preparing visually pleasing and delicious meals. A chef needs to understand the science of nutrition, diet, and tastes. Culinary art career options include consulting, dining room services, food stylists, and food writers.

Graphic design is a form of visual communication and deals with creating designs ranging from illustration to entertainment arts. Careers in this industry include graphic designer, advertising designer, computer artist, or freelance designer. Freelance graphic designers work their own hours and are more in control of their ideas, but the experience obtained from employment with a design firm can be valuable to recent graduates or those with less experience. Graphic design students at design schools in Atlanta will need to learn various techniques such as typography, visual arts, and page layout to produce a final professional product. A graphic designer usually creates media such as logos and branding and spreads for magazines, newspapers, and book publications as well as websites. The composition of the work graphic designers create is essential and needs to meet the client’s requirements.

If you enjoy fashion and photography as a hobby or are looking to study them professionally, the many design colleges in Atlanta will accommodate your interests. Photography students learn about the effects of light, electronic media, and photographic film, as well as the various techniques they can use to develop the images that have been captured. As for fashion students, whether the focus is to create designs for a boutique or for mass commercial sale, a fashion designer’s objective to create beautiful, wearable garments remains the same.

Design colleges in Atlanta are perfect for artistically inclined students by allowing them to explore their creativity while giving them the necessary skills and training for fruitful careers. Much like the types of education offered by design schools in Atlanta, the design careers students can consider after graduation are numerous and diverse.


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