If you fancy yourself a bit of a creative spirit, a design certificate could very well be your pathway to a successful occupation in one of many design-oriented careers. The design field stretches across several different industries, including fashion design, graphic design, interior design, landscaping, animation, and set design, just to name a few. The job opportunities are countless.

A design certificate affords you the freedom to study in your chosen field in a flexible capacity. Many structured degrees require several hours of grueling lectures each day and can last well beyond two years. A certificate, in almost any field of design, is usually completed in a shorter period of time and may even be available as an online or correspondence study program or through night classes. For this reason, a design certificate can be the perfect choice for a person with a particularly busy schedule.

Many people who are considering starting a home business or working as a freelance designer prefer a design certificate to a time-consuming degree program, as this is the quickest way to acquire the skills that are specific to their particular field without being expected to learn a set of extra general disciplines that may prove to be useless in the long run. A three- or four-year degree often aims to cover all the basics of a particular field, while a certificate aims to train you in a few choice skills, allowing for specialization. When you have a particular career goal in mind, becoming a “jack-of-all-trades” may seem unnecessary.

Some of the most popular design career options in recent years are interior design, Web design, and graphic design. In these cases, there is a high demand for skilled designers. A design certificate in either of these three fields is generally a very good qualification to have. If you have a flair for creating a stylish living space or if you have a knack for coming up with original artistry, you should definitely consider enrolling in a course that will assist you in honing your craft and provide you the design certificate to find a job.

An interior design certificate offers you the opportunity to specialize in a particular field. Exhibit design, green design, hotel design, restaurant design, and residential design are just a few of the options available to the budding young interior designer. Each of these specialty certificates teaches the individual the skills required for that particular niche of the interior design industry.

A Web or graphic design career is the perfect option for any persons who would prefer to handle their business in an online capacity rather than in the old-fashioned office setting. In this age of technology, a Web or graphic design certificate teaches skills relating mostly to computer-aided design. The certificate courses in this area of design will teach skills in logo design, using different computer software, and typography.

A design certificate in any field is a fantastic springboard for any career. Whether you are interested in joining an established firm or you are hoping to work as a freelancer, this is definitely an area of study worth investigating.


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