Denver Offers a Promising Opportunity for Interior Design Students

Looking for a hot spot to study interior design? As style remains an important part of remodeling and home and office design, the industry is always in need of fresh looks, and keen eyes.  So the graphic design and interior design schools of the world need to up their game! Such improvements have been made in Colorado, where eager students can get great degrees in this popular field.  Schools like Westwood College, The Art Institute of Colorado, The University of Denver, and the Rocky Mountain College of Interior Design are among the many.  A degree in interior design can lead to many job opportunities, from a wide range of employers.  Graduates from The Art Institute of Colorado have ended up working as drafters, facility planners, decorators, or space planners.  Other graduates from colleges like Westwood College now work as lighting specialists, digital walk through creators, and presentation media design artists!  Employers like Ethan Allen, Richmond Homes, Pier One Imports, Expo Design, AGI, and eDesigns are gobbling up graduates every year.  Students gain valuable skills from photography courses, fashion courses, and graphic design courses among many others.  They learn how to enhance their careers by incorporating practical business aspects to interior design projects, how to create design concepts that sell, codes and standards in the industry, how to develop computerized presentations, how to prepare drawings with design specifications for commercial and residential spaces, and consulting skills.  It’s a big world with lots of spaces that need your design skills! Interior Design schools like these help students obtain necessary certificates that are necessary to be ahead of the game, like BFA, BA, MFA, and MA. 
Why study interior design? To be successful, formal education is always a big help.  Many industries offer formal education, but few have the range and focus of design schools.  Photography degrees, design degrees, art degrees, all come from these schools.  Another benefit is the availability of online courses that colleges like Westwood College offer.  Denver is fast becoming a hotspot for interior design as the demand for color schemes, fabric fittings, detailed drawings, and client approvals are falling from the trusting minds of developers and builders into the capable hands of educated interior design graduates. The Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design is a particularly good choice for eager designers.  They prepare you to be a skilled, ethical, responsible designer who improves health, safety and welfare of the public through design, and while exploring all your creativity.  They accept over 220 applicants every single fall, and with their small class sizes provide a valuable skill set and create fun careers.  Like many schools in Colorado, they have an in depth internship program that exposes students to real life practice which leads to great careers.  When it comes to college, people like to be sure about not only their major, but which school they want to study from.  They also need to decide if their career will be enjoyable and equally profitable.  Interior Design leads to both, and Denver can stand by its interior design students, confidently leading a creative future for society. 

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