Denver Artistry – Become A Part of It

Denver, Colorado offers a one of a kind opportunity for all fields of art education.  Join the growing art community and gain invaluable knowledge and insight as well as a world class education.

Denver art schools are diverse and fully able to fulfill any type of art education you may be interested in. The Mile High City offers Associates, Bachelors, and Masters Degrees, as well as Doctorates, in film, graphic design, fashion design, interior design, web design, photography, and more.  They even offer art education in more rarified fields such as art therapy, folk art, and ikebana.  Even if you are not interested in a full time college career, there are dozens of smaller specialized services that teach anything and everything from sculpture to knitting, art history to studio art.  Hands on and instructional, Denver art schools offer what the budding artist needs to succeed in their craft.

Taking art classes in Denver, Colorado also gives you a beautiful environment to work in. Nestled in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the geography of Denver is inspiration in and of itself.  Majestic snow capped mountains, sapphire blue lakes, and lush forests serve to heighten the metropolitan feel of the city itself.  The night life is exciting, with theatrical venues, jazz clubs, and discotheques to spend your weekends relaxing at.  During the daylight hours, there are museums, art galleries, historical tours, sports, and much more.  Whether you want to get away from it all or be in the thick of it, Denver offers both extremes and all ranges in between.  Denver has also received a sizeable boost to its art funding, allowing fast and successful growth in the art education of the city.  The art community has a professional atmosphere that promotes understanding and initiative, encouraging avant-gard ideas and work.  The city of Denver manages to seamlessly blend bohemian edginess with business oriented results.

Graduates have gone on to work for Forbes 500 companies utilizing a wide range of skills learned at Denver art schools.  Other success stories include working on photo shoots for internationally acclaimed magazines, production design for blockbuster films, fashion design for top labels, and more.  The Art Institute of Colorado lists among its alumni Mr. Bob Caldwell.  Mr. Caldwell is a Senior Associate and Technical Director at Gensler Architecture, Design & Planning.  The Metropolitan State College of Denver boasts Mr. Michael J. Varhola, accomplished author and artist.  Alumni frequently return to their alma maters to share their experiences and advice with recent generations.

While taking art classes in Denver, several businesses provide internships for students.  Companies include the Denver Art Museum, the Denver VOICE, and ArtLab.  This provides an opportunity for students in nearly any art field to further their education and get that all too valuable experience for their resume.  It also exposes students to actual working environments where their skills can be put to use.  Additionally, several schools have excellent support for its art students.  The University of Denver has two main galleries, supported by alumni and current students.  The Myhren Gallery shows both, while Gallery 023 is run by students and solely shows student work.

The art schools of Denver provide an environment like nowhere else.  The vast amounts of subjects, the exquisite landscape, the opportunities for real world experience, and the unique atmosphere make Denver a stunning jewel in all fields of art education.  Add to this the staunch commitment of the city itself, and you have the chance of a lifetime.  To be a part of the rapidly growing art community now would be the opening to be a small part of history yourself, shaping this burgeoning wonder for generations to come.

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