Dallas Photography Schools: Your Best Shot at a Rewarding Career

What every aspiring photographer needs to know about Dallas photography schools

Dallas is one of the best places in the southwest to study photography.  This metropolitan city is home to numerous places of historical, artistic and industrial interest, all of which are potential subjects that students of photography can take full advantage of.  Thanks to the city’s active patronage of the arts through festivals, museum exhibits and galleries, it also offers numerous opportunities for photography enthusiasts to hone their craft.  A career as a professional photographer can be exciting and rewarding and Dallas photography schools can provide you with the right opportunity and training to help you achieve success in this field.

What to expect from a photography course
Dallas photography schools, colleges and universities offer photography as an undergraduate course.  It is also available as a certificate or associate course.  Frequently, students who enroll in a photography course take it to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.  A bachelor’s degree allows the student to pursue a Masters in Fine Arts later.

Photography classes are designed to teach students the basics of photography, including its history, development, technological advances in the field and its modern day applications.  As a course under the art department of most Dallas photography schools, photography programs assist students in developing their technical and artistic skills.  This is done through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on coursework that teach students composition, positioning, lighting, dark room techniques, use of color and accessories to achieve certain effects.  Students will also be encouraged to develop their own individual styles.

Students can choose a specific photography program as their main course of study.  Some of the most popular include general photography, digital photography, commercial photography and visual arts.  Assessment of students’ progress is usually done through critiques of individual works per project.  Some Dallas photography schools may even require students in their senior year to participate in an exhibition.

Why a formal degree in photography?
There are many professional photographers who have established their careers without a degree or any formal schooling.  However, obtaining a degree or a certificate is proof that an individual has the knowledge and practical training that only the academic program can offer.  In places of employment that require a degree, having completed a course in photography is tangible advantage.

A career in photography
Photography can be an incredibly rewarding career.  The course can offer opportunities in a variety of fields, including graphic arts, commercial arts, advertising, culinary arts, fashion, media, photojournalism, real estate, publishing, animation, interior design and even education.

Graduates of Dallas photography schools have several options once they complete a photography course or degree.  They could find employment as full-time photographers or technicians in the business setting, work as freelancers for a variety of magazines, newspapers and other publications or become self-employed, specializing in portrait, landscape and events coverage.

Choosing the right school
Not all photography colleges and universities offer exactly the same program or coursework.  This is why it’s important for students to determine if the specific course or degree they prefer is being offered at their chosen school.  Facilities and equipment should also meet current industry standards and teacher-to-student ratio should be low, to allow for more effective interactions between the instructor and his class.  A good Dallas photography school should also be able to offer a solid internship program to provide students with their initial exposure in their future profession.

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