In today’s competitive environment, studying at a Dallas Illustration School provides students with much needed advantages

Studying at a Dallas Illustration School has several advantages for students interested in a creative, stable, well paying career. A wide range of choices for Illustration programs including colleges with two, three and four year degree programs can be found in Dallas. As one of the largest media markets in the country, Dallas has numerous job opportunities available to illustration school students after graduation. Creative, career minded illustration students are likely to find part-time or summer employment while still studying at a Dallas Illustration School.

Professional illustrators are artists that draw by hand or with computer illustration programs, artwork that makes something easier to understand. There are several Illustration specializations – Product/Advertising, Medical, Fashion, and Comic Book Illustration. Product Illustrators, and Advertising Illustrators draw packaging for products as well as the drawings for marketing such as billboards or brochures. Often Product Illustrators and Advertising Illustrators work alongside graphic artists and multimedia artists.

Medical illustrators draw, either by hand or with computer illustration programs, artwork that makes medical information easier to understand, such as the effects of heart disease on the body, or the drawings in medical textbooks.

The final two specializations provide ways to combine personal passions with a stable career. Fashion illustrators draw clothes for a particular designer or store. Fashion illustration is a great way to have an exciting career in the fashion industry without being a model, salesperson, or store owner. Dallas also has great programs in fashion design. Attending a fashion illustration program or a fashion design program at one of the Dallas Illustration Schools is a great way to start a career in fashion, and to enjoy the great weather and culture of the South.
Some illustrators with a passion for comic books specialize in comic book illustration. With the growth of the comic book and graphic novel industry being a comic book illustrator is a smart career and financial choice. Some comic book illustrators with an interest and computer animation courses have taken related jobs in video game animation.

The shorter two year, illustration school programs typically include courses in drawing, computer illustration programs such as Adobe Illustrator, as well as more specific illustration courses in the business of illustration such as product illustration, illustrating for adversing and fashion illustration. Some shorter programs are in graphic design, with students being able to focus on computer illustration as part of the graphic design program. The longer, three and four year degree programs provide students with both a college degree in Visual Arts, and with a specialization in Illustration. Thus, students could pursue a career in medical illustration by taking a Fine Arts degree, with a specialization in Illustration and/or drawing, along with a minor in biology.

Dallas illustration schools also have some of the country’s best medical illustration programs, including Masters Degrees in Medical Illustration. Graduates of Medical Illustration programs have an almost 100% employment rate, with some graduates having jobs waiting for them as soon as they finish their illustration school program.
So, if you’re looking for a creative, stable career and a great city to study in, attend a Dallas Illustration School.


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