A graphic design career can be a lucrative career choice for the right person. Getting a great education from one of the great Dallas graphic design schools should be the first step for anyone that aspires to get into this creative and ever-changing field. Dallas is a great place to learn about graphic design, and it has a few schools to choose from. There is The Art Institutes Dallas campus and Westwood College. Both schools have degree programs centered around graphic design and offer online and on campus classes.

The Art Institutes of Dallas can offer a great education for those that want to get into graphic design. One of the reasons that make this school such a powerhouse in graphic design training is the vast amount of areas to choose from. Students can choose degrees that offer many career options, including Layout Artist, Print Technician, or Production Artist. They can get the tools they need to succeed in positions in publishing and advertising.

Graphic Design programs are available through the two year Associates Degree or four year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Each program consists of classes like Typography, Drawing Fundamentals and Digital Imaging. Either degree can prepare a student for entry level jobs in graphic design.  Getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Media Arts and Animation can also prepare students for an exciting career in graphic design in the television and film production arenas, along with being able to work at digital gaming companies.

Westwood College also has a School of Design that offers an Associate Degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia. They also offer a Bachelor Degree programs in Animation, Game Art and Design and Web Design and Multimedia. All of the different degree programs offer comprehensive training to work for the multiple types of genres that graphic designers can work in. 

Adjusting to campus life and living away from home are two major sources of stress for many students. Both schools offer students and parents a wide range of resources available to smooth the transition. The schools help with living arrangements, both have financial aid programs and they also offer health services such as insurance and counseling. Westwood College and The Art Institutes have numerous campus social gatherings through many different types of organizations. Getting involved in extracurricular activities such as these can provide valuable networking tools that can be used even after graduation from college.

For students that are thinking about a graphic design career, Dallas is definitely the place to be. Both schools have ties to the city as a whole, but also have special associations with the arts community and the business community. Creativity is encouraged at both Westwood College and the Art Institutes Dallas campus. Teaching the students the finer techniques of graphic design using state of the art equipment and experienced professionals make both places strong contenders. Students at either one of these Dallas graphic design schools will benefit from degree programs that will make them stand out from the rest of the crowd.


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