All play and no work – studying game design in Dallas OR “Mom, Dad…I’ve decided to major in game design…”

Your parents may have bemoaned the hours you spent playing video games in your youth, so now’s your chance to show them it wasn’t wasted time: video game design is a rapidly growing industry ready to snap up imaginative game designers.

That’s right. All that thumb clicking devotion to Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog will allow you to make games for a living.

If you’re ready for an exciting career that’s only limited by your imagination, the best place to study hands-on game design is in Dallas, Texas.  As more and more game schools spring up around the country, it’s important to be able to choose somewhere that will equip you with the necessary skills set to break into this competitive industry. Good to know then that Dallas is home to some of the country’s best game art and design programs.

You’ll learn from industry experts; be exposed to both traditional art and computer animation skills; be prepared for the challenges of a career and navigate the every-changing trends in the game industry. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to create stories and original design concepts and integrate these into game play.

If you’re interested in creating stories, characters, animations and game play, the media arts and animation design course at the Art Institute in Dallas will teach you the skills to create the digital world you imagine. You’ll take your skills to the next level using industry-current tools and technologies to create virtual worlds and characters.

At Westwood College, you can opt for a Bachelor Degree in game art that will kick-start your career as a video game designer. You’ll develop skills in art and animation techniques for the game and interactive software industry. There’s an emphasis on traditional 2D artistry, 3D modeling and animation and students also learn how to apply critical thinking, logic, communications and problem-solving skills in managing challenges that occur in a game development environment.

The University of Texas in Dallas offers a variety of graduate courses in the Arts & Technology Program that are appropriate to the study of Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the digital arts. The courses introduce students to game design, production and theory.

The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University in Dallas runs the premier graduate video game education programs in the United States. The School offers a graduate certificate and Master’s degree.

The Master of Interactive Technology in Digital Game Development combines theory and practice. Students play and analyze the appeal and design of games and build a portfolio of work.

The Professional Certificate in Digital Game Development is a 22-month multidisciplinary certificate program, which combines the theory and practice of game-related coursework. It has three areas of specialization: art creative, level design and software development.

Studying a game design course in Dallas will open the door to a number of different career choices including texture artists, 3D character modeler, game designers, creative directors and concept artists.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to create the next generation of games that millions will play, program your future and enroll in a game design course in Dallas.


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