You may well have heard the term ‘animation school’ and found yourself wondering what a person might study at an animation school in Dallas.  What is the purpose of an animation school?  If you have a passion for animation and movie special effects, then a course at any one of a number of Dallas Animation Schools may be the right course for you.

You will learn the intricacies of 2D and 3D animation and how to use this content in all sorts of media, from video games to mobile platforms and TV as well as video.  You will learn how to work with animatics and how to create motion graphics.  Did you love Final Fantasy or Walle?  Well, a course at a Dallas Animation School will teach you how to do that step by step, from blank page to masterful creation.

Southern Methodist University presents students with the Meadows School of Arts.  Dating back to 1917, the school underwent a name change in 1969 and has enjoyed the patronage of such famous personages as Bob Hope and Greer Garson.  Aside from music, journalism, dance and theatre an eager animation student can enrol to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and Master of Interactive Technology in Digital Game Development. 

These professional courses prepare students for a career in game design and programming, including the cinematic special effects, animation, game design and the history and practical elements required to be successful in the field.  Other options available to the enterprising student include the Art Institute of Houston.  The Institute offers courses in Media Arts and Animation, Graphic Design, Web Design, Interactive Media as well as Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. 

This is a very exciting and progressive field, with new and exciting possibilities available in a wide range of disciplines.  A student may wish to specialize in one particular aspect, though all aspects of the design process are covered in detail.  Dallas animation schools have much to offer by way of creating a platform for future designers.  It is certainly worth taking a closer look at the curriculum available, with Bachelor of Arts degrees obtainable after a four year period. 

Campuses are well organised and able to accommodate as many as 11,000 students in a professional environment designed to encourage and nurture the student’s latent talents and to hone their abilities.  A solid grounding and well-structured curriculum means that these one-stop institutions provide all the tools the prospective student may need to foray into the field of animation as a career option.

Dallas animation students can combine their courses to overlap so that they complete their curriculum in a shorter period of time.  One can, say, combine a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Master of Interactive Arts degree and complete the whole in only five years.  There is also the option for students to study part time or to take the courses via correspondence, which is a wonderful convenience for those not residing in Dallas itself.  All these options make Dallas animation schools an obvious choice.


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