Advertising Major in Dallas: The Art Institute

The Art Institute of Dallas offers exceptional education in the field of advertising. Such schools as this provide the added edge students will need in the competitive world.

Advertising is just one of the multitude of branches that schools specializing in design offer. The city of Dallas, Texas is a spawning ground for creative minded individuals who are looking for a chance to explore the psychological principals behind advertising. There are several schools in Dallas that offer instruction in advertising, including the University of Phoenix, the Art Institute of Dallas and Argosy University Dallas. Of these three, the Art Institute is the only school which offers a major in advertising on its own.
Advertising is an exceptionally complex field. It blends the study of the human psyche with artistic abilities, theories of marketing and business, and technological advancements. Because it acts as the primary intermediate between a customer and product, advertising needs to be catchy, keep up with the times, and present a image that is distinct from competitors.
The curriculum of the Art Institute of Dallas reflects the rigorous requirements in the life of a specialist in advertising. The Art Institute of Dallas offers over fifty courses in its vast curriculum, all geared towards preparing a student for life after school, and for success in the business. In an industry as cutthroat and demanding as advertising, students can use any and all advantages a school can provide. Anyone interested in pursuing a career in the field would do well to examine the school. A Bachelor of Fine Arts is a necessary degree for those looking to enter the field.
For a student interested in, or those who think they may be interested in the field of advertising , another positive aspect about studying at a school in Dallas is the fact that in a large city, there are more opportunities for work after college. Also, an added benefit of a large city is that with a larger population, there are increasingly diverse groups of people to appeal to, which stretches creative talent, and allows advertisers and firms to form specific campaigns designed especially to target groups by a variety of important factors including ethnicity, age, income level.
However, while the advertising design program part of the Art Institute of Dallas is a great program, there are other facets of the art and design world that students may choose to explore within the school as well. Besides providing an opportunity to take advertising design, the Art Institute of Dallas also offers a Bachelor of Fine arts in Graphic design and Interior design, and an Associate of Applied Arts in both Graphic design and Kitchen and bath design. Their other educational programs stretch to cover the culinary arts, fashion and media arts. With such a large basis of creative thought processing and talented professors, those students who choose to attend a school such as this one in Dallas are getting the best possible education for themselves and greatly improving their chances of success in their future careers.
Dallas’ many and various school systems offers much to any student who wishes to become a competitive member of the business world today.

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