Deciding what career to pursue for your future can be difficult. It is best to research the careers that you think you may be interested in before making any major decisions. If a career such as a police officer, private investigator, or corrections officer interests you, then you should consider a criminal justice career.

The criminal justice career field is not limited to police officers, corrections officers or private investigators. It also is a career field for people interested in becoming FBI agents, CIA agents, secret service agents, detectives, probation officers, private security guards, medical examiners, crime scene technicians, or forensic analysts.

A criminal justice career is not a career that will always be easy. Depending on what job you have, you may have to deal with things such as death, violence, blood or trauma. A police officer may have to work night shifts or other odd hours and may sometimes be on call even during hours that are not part of the normal shift. FBI agents often have to relocate several times during their career.

A criminal justice degree is a major stepping stone to a successful criminal justice career. A criminal justice degree requires that you choose what specific area that you want to pursue. This will determine what concentration of classes that you take. For example, if you want to become a medical examiner, you will need to take certain criminal justice classes as well as science and medical classes. Criminal justice degrees are available from both traditional and online universities. Many legal professionals such as prosecutors and judges start with a criminal justice degree and then continue on with a graduate law degree.

Different areas of the criminal justice field have different responsibilities and salaries will vary depending on what area you choose. The salary generally is higher depending on the amount of education needed for the position. As with most jobs, the salary will increase the longer you are with agency and the higher up in rank that you become.

Once you have obtained a college degree, you can start your job search. If you have done any interning or made connections with local agencies, you may want to ask them for a reference. It may also be beneficial to check with these agencies and see if they have open positions that you might be interested in. A resume and a reference list are necessities in your quest for job. There are several online websites that can assist you in finding the perfect job. You can also check the websites for government agencies as they sometimes post advertisements on their own websites.

The need for criminal justice is growing as the crime rates rise. For this reason, job opportunities will be continually increasing in the future. The Department of Labor estimates that employment of police and detectives will grow at a rate of 9 to 17 percent each year through 2014,

If you want a career that is interesting, fulfilling and helps to make the world a better place, a criminal justice career is right for you.

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