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To date we have received 5 total submissions
Create your writing submission from the art below

Earn cash for your original art critique! Find Your Art School is currently accepting submissions for our Art Writing Contest. Simply choose one of the images below, compose an original critique of 500-750 words, and post your critique to your blog. Note that we require all entrants to have a blog.

“Mirella” (2013) “La Grande
Odalisque” (1814)
Photograph from Aleppo, Syria (2012)
Artist: Fausto Podavini
Artist: J.-A.-D. Ingres
Artist: Javier Manzano

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Submissions are judged on overall quality and originality. Each submission should explore the following topics: overall theme of the piece, historical or social context, technical analysis, and your critical interpretation. Top submissions will be featured on the Inspiration Center, and winners will earn cash prizes. Please submit original work ONLY. Any plagiarized content will result in disqualification. Final submission date is January 17, 2014.

Add one of these text options to the end of your blog post.

a) HTML version: If you can edit your blog in HTML use this HTML code and paste it at the end of you blog post with your writing piece. We will use this text to automatically verify your post.

b) Text version: If you a squeamish about HTML, you can simply cut and paste the text below at the end of your blog post submission.

My official art blog submission to the FYAS Art Writing Competition. Find top performing arts colleges and more with Find Your Art school
Final Step! Submit your blog post.

Once your blog post is live and the link text is in place submit your entry.

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To date we have received 5 total submissions
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