Connecticut is a small state, but has a variety of art schools that will take the motivated student down a wide array of career paths.

In spite of its small size, Connecticut offers much in the way of geographical variety.  From rolling hills in the northwest to the state’s rural center down to the cities and industrialized coastline of Long Island Sound, Connecticut is a rustic yet modern urban state.

The same variety can be found in Connecticut’s many art schools.  A diverse selection of art schools dot the state of Connecticut, from the University of Connecticut’s Art Program in Storrs down to the Connecticut Institute of Art at Greenwich in the state’s extreme southwest corner.  Then of course is Yale University’s prestigious Art Program, ranked number two in the nation by U.S. News and World Report’s 2008 ranking of Fine Arts schools.

Before pursuing a degree in one of Connecticut’s fine arts schools, a student should be sure he has what it takes to succeed in that field.  First of all the student must be self-motivated and be able to persevere in a project from start to finish.  Discipline and an eye for beauty are critical.  The student must be daring and innovative, yet willing to take criticism.

In all of Connecticut’s art schools you’ll find a wide variety of disciplines that will enable the serious student to take his skill in any number of directions.  In graphic and communication design students can learn how to make use of the latest technology in order to visually communicate knowledge.  Courses in painting and printmaking can enable the student to produce his own personal works of art.  Students who choose to study illustration will learn how to add graphics to the printed word.  Classes in interior design will teach not only the aesthetic, but the functional design of anything from skyscrapers to a piece of furniture.  Additional courses of study can include photography, sculpture and art history.

Once a student obtains a degree in one of Connecticut’s many fine arts schools, he’ll find a wide array of career choices available.  Those who major in photography often enjoy freelancing in such fields as portrait photography, event photography (such as weddings), commercial news photography, plus industrial and science photography.  Others may simply enjoy photographing any and everything, and then make their work available for sale as stock photos that businesses could purchase for their own commercial use.

Book publishers always have a demand for quality illustrators for books ranging from children’s stories right on up to cutting edge science textbooks.

Interior designers will often find work with design firms, but many choose to work on their own, helping clients design anything from a single room right on up to commercial shopping malls.

Graphic design majors will find a whole host of career opportunities available, from commercial advertising to designing movie and stage sets and props.  Graphic designers can also work in very technology-oriented fields, such as web design and television and film graphics, where a knowledge of computers and graphic design software is essential.

Whatever the career choice, graduates of Connecticut’s many quality art schools will find a host of opportunities awaiting them in this exciting field of study.

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