Millions of people in the United States have chosen a computer technology career to devote their working life to. A computer technology career is usually preceded by a college education with a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related area. Some people will pick a certain concentration while others will simply take general computer courses. It is not uncommon for someone in this career field to continue on to receive a master’s degree or additional certification. Most people who choose a career in computer technology enjoy subjects such as mathematics and science.

The term computer technology career can refer to many different computer-related occupations. Some of the most popular computer technology careers that people choose are careers as computer software engineers, computer hardware engineers, computer programmers, computer system analysts or computer specialists. The best places for people pursuing a computer technology career are areas with high concentrations of computer-related jobs such as California, Washington DC and New York. People with a computer technology career generally work full-time in an office setting. Those who specialize in computer technology repair may be called on to go to wherever the computer that needs repair is located. However, some employers will provide a company car to be used for such events.

The salary for someone in a computer technology career will vary based on where the person is employed, how long he or she has been employed with the company, the type of specialization, training and certification that the person has obtained and the person’s job performance.

A computer system analyst is responsible for helping businesses achieve their goals using computer technology. Computer systems analysts may work for government organizations, the military or privately-owned businesses. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 500,000 people are currently employed in this area of computer technology. The median annual salary for a computer system analyst is $75,000.

Computer specialists provide technical support to businesses or individuals. Computer specialists often deal with customer issues by phone or email and are responsible for resolving computer technology problems. The median annual salary for this career is $43,450.

Computer engineers make a higher salary with the current median salary being $85,000 per year according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Computer engineers are usually divided into two groups: computer software engineers and computer hardware engineers. Computer software engineers are responsible for developing, testing and producing computer software. Computer software engineers create everything from games to financial management software systems. Computer hardware engineers create the physical components of computer systems.

How well a person does his or her job can strongly affect a computer technology professional’s salary. Because of the constant change associated with computer technology, a person working in this field will need to stay up-to-date with new techniques, products and systems. Often people in the computer technology career field will need to take additional training courses and received certification in order to continue at a high performance level.

A computer technology career can be an exciting and monetarily rewarding career for someone who enjoys working with computers and their components.

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