Information technology nowadays is a booming business. It has a lot of means to let you earn money ranging from MLM marketing, online article building, advertising, pay per click services, direct selling to just about anything. It is a multi-trillion industry that looks very promising to a lot of people. Therefore, it is not to see a lot of people take up courses related to the I.T. industry as this will prove to be very rewarding in the future. Who says computer geeks can’t have money?

Being a graduate of with a degree in computer science or any I.T. related course will land you a good job afterwards; that is an irrefutable fact. Most of them are in demand and even though the industry is still suffering from the problems of the I.T. collapse a few years ago, it is still one of the most highly paid and in demand jobs of today. Especially now that the industry is starting to go up again, it is certain that the computer science salary types will increase even more over time.

As with all jobs, computer science salary ranges depending on what you specialize in and how far up in the corporate food chain you are in. Someone at the executive level usually earns $118,000 per year. However, starting with a degree in Computer Science will get you an average income of $51,563. Still, it is not bad for a beginning salary for a fresh out of college individual. However, it gets even better. If you already have an experience of 1 to 4 years, your computer science salary will increase to $55, 175. Not a big jump but still significant. However, after 4 years your salary can increase to $72,552 if you have had an experience between 5 to 9 years. If you have been working as a computer scientist for a decade now, usual salary ranges are in the $90,000. And if you have been working for more than 20 years, you get an astounding $101,060.

So if you are thinking about a bright and well-off future for you and your future family, becoming a computer geek may not be so bad after all. As it turns out Bill Gates, probably the richest man alive right now, is also in the same industry that you are in so it would be no surprise for you to be financially stable with your bachelors in computer science at hand.

Of course, getting paid big and enjoying what you do are two different things. It is better to choose a field of computer science that you are very much like and you are still bound to earn big time. Of course, it won’t really matter much how much you earn since doing what you love best is the best thing in the world, the very big paychecks are just an added bonus to you. They will brought thousand of dollars in your accounts and live your life with satisfaction with your chosen career.

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