Designing and developing new hardware and software requires a high level of skills, something that a well-trained computer scientist can offer. Computer science is a very attractive field, with a high demand for skilled individuals. It is a course of study that allows a student to choose from a good number of industries and disciplines, including software development, web development, computer security, mobile computing and interface design. Is this the perfect career for you?

Your computer science career
A computer science is an exciting field, one that relies on both structured knowledge and creative thinking. As a computer science graduate, you can choose whether to focus on theoretical practices or use your knowledge and skills for developing high-technology computing solutions. Training in a computer science degree allows students to use and improve on prevailing ideas and technologies, a great way to be involved in a field that will allow you to become a pioneer or at least become involved in an exciting project.

Computer science graduates can choose from a variety of work types. Depending on their job positions and on the industry they belong to, they will be tasked to design and create computer software, develop solutions to problems and challenges in computer systems and improve prevailing procedures to address problems in a wide variety of areas and industries related to computers.

The most common computer science course is usually offered as a bachelor’s degree, although a shorter course through a certificate or associate degree will usually suffice in helping graduates land an entry level job in data communication or network analysis. Should higher levels of studies be preferred, a bachelor’s degree in computer science could also lead to a master’s or doctorate degree. Graduate studies will allow the student to perform more complex tasks in his/her field.

Since computer scientists are not just required to think creatively but also logically, students are expected to have a strong background in mathematics. Advanced studies in this field may be beneficial to high school students who want to pursue a computer science career.

There are also some competency certifications that computer scientists have to obtain to qualify them for certain job positions. These certifications are often offered by software companies and product manufacturers to professionals so they can specialize in a specific programs or applications. As such, they become authorized consultants in a particular brand of computer system or software. Certifications such as these also help computer scientists earn credits that will make them more competitive and increase their employability.

Career opportunities
Because of their ability to handle diverse fields related to computers, computer scientists can work in a variety of industries, ranging from manufacturing to computer software design to business and academics. If they wish to work independently, they can also opt to start their own businesses, offering their services in security, data management and consultancy.

Wherever they may be employed, computer scientists can expect excellent room for growth through promotions. Experience, along with advanced credits on related courses can pave the way for better job prospects and pay.

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