How important is your computer to you? If you are like some people, your computer may be of extreme vital importance to the operation of your home or business. That is why there is such a demand for computer repair technicians. And with demand, there comes the potential to make a consistent salary. This is why those with a great deal of skill in computer repair areas should definitely look into opportunities for computer repair jobs. And, of course, this opens the door for some potentially high computer repair technician salary offers.

Of course, this does bring up questions regarding what type of salary one can earn working as a computer repair technician. Honestly, the salary range can vary depending upon the type of work you would be doing and your personal experience level. In general, the salaries for this type of work can range and may become lucrative depending upon the amount of hours that you put in. For those curious as to what the average computer repair technician salary might be, here is a brief overview:

Someone who is beginning in the field and has little experience may make $12.00 – $13.00 an hour ($26k per year) in a small market and $18.00 – $19.00 and hour ($36k – $38k) in a mid-sized or large market. A person with a decent amount of experience can earn $17.00 an hour ($34k) in a small market to $20.00 an hour (40k year) in a large market. For those with a great deal of experience, a small market could capture $20.00 an hour (40k year). And it is not impossible for a computer repair technician in a large market to earn anywhere from $30.00 ($60k) an hour up to $50.00 per hour ($100k per year).

Some may wonder what the size of the market the computer repair technician works in has to do with the fees paid. After all, is not the repair work the same no matter where you live? Yes, this would be true but demand decreases in smaller markets. If you are a computer repair technician in a small town in upstate New York you will not have the same number of customer inquiries that you would in New York City. This is because the city would have a much larger population base contributing to your business.

Additionally, the aforementioned salaries are based on working 40 hours per week of actual repair service billed. In this particular business, if demand becomes high enough, you could always expand the amount of billable hours you work. That means someone who is inexperienced and makes a low hourly rate could end up with a lucrative income if he/she works 60+ hours per week. Most computer repair technicians will generally not punch a clock for 40 hours. They will perform their work based on the amount of repair work orders they receive. As such, the potential to make a lucrative income is possible depending upon how strong business is.

So, it would be advisable to ride the busy weeks and do as much work as possible. This way, your salary will remain decent as the busy weeks could

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