Despite a global recession, computer programming in general is still afloat and thriving as the need for zeros and one’s are showing no signs of lying low. Computer programming involves binary numbers for simple word processing to rich graphic intensive games. Today, it includes the mobile phone domain that is expanding its purpose to that of a small hand-held computer. This results in more applications and software being produced by computer programmers.

Capacity Equals Pay

Even with increasing demand for richer, faster and smarter computer programs, the virtual world moves within the reality that a person’s financial worth is congruent to his capacity to render service. In the digital world, computer programming salaries are, like most jobs, commensurate to experience and expertise. A computer programming salary is dependent on qualifications and skills that are in part, a result of education and technical training.

A budding programmer fresh out of his training is naturally living in the lowest income range than a veteran programmer. On average, a computer programmer earns an annual wage of $70,000 to $80,000. Green programmers with less than a year of experience often start at the $40,000 to $50,000 pay grade. The most experienced programmers with more than 10 years in the business belong in the $60,000 to $90,000 scale of computer programming salary.

Industry Equals Pay

When the computer industry is at its peak, its lucrative flow of income should affect computer programming salary. Within the computer industry there are various professions that are rooted in computer programming. A web developer, for example, can earn a higher salary than a system specialist or vice versa. Also, those who develop software or a computer game can earn higher than their maintenance counterparts depending on the sales or the support it gathers.

In some occurrences, computer programming salary is project based. These do not coincide with a regular time frame but only to its own time frame. The salary in a project based programming is often not the same as the average as it depends on the scale of the project. A single project may mean simple system diagnostics to a whole system creation.

Keeping up with Trend

Computer programming is a fast paced world where the industry has a quick turn-over rate. Web developers, for example, are sometimes hired when needed or on a project basis. Programmers must be able to keep up with the trend of software usage in order to stay in the loop. Demand for software either for gaming or business is always changing or ever increasing. If the world needs a word processor, the world eventually needs another and another. It is a never ending case of improvement and development where the old software released just a year or a few years ago can be obsolete. As computer programming salary increases with time so do the demands for better and more efficient programming skills which must result to better and more efficient software and computer systems.

Because the industry is in the heart of technology, keeping up with trend also means keeping up with better hardware. The improvement on hardware itself has resulted to more programmers working off site, in the comfort of their homes or simply away from the mother ship. This is a small world after all.

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