Computer programming is an area that pertains to systematic creation of source code which can be utilized to build up computer systems. It entails technical writing, testing, troubleshooting, debugging and retaining the source code of computer programs. The source code, which would then become a fundamental system, is written in a programming language.

A good computer programming should have the measured fusion and application of craft, art and engineering. Excluding one of the three would result in a seemingly incomplete work, waiting for supplementation to fulfill its purpose. With the presence of the three vital elements, the objective of creating a proficient and effective software solution will be realized.

Computer programmers are indispensable part of today’s economy and industries. With them total efficiency and organized structure are realized in any work and activity environment. Computer programmers’ desire and aim to develop software that will let the populace carry out wide range of functions. Every online function that we used at home and work environment had their inception from a programmer or team of programmers. Word processing programs, computer operating systems and even internet dialing software all subsist due to the effective work of programmers. Thus, the computer programming job is full with responsibilities and functions distinct and valuable to everyone.

Computer programmers basically work with computer manufacturers and other users to build up new programming systems. They organize in depth workflow charts and diagrams that illustrate input, output and logical process and translate them into succession of directives coded in a computer language – this fundamentally should always be part of the computer programming job. Carrying out systems analysis and encoding tasks to preserve and direct utilization of computer systems software as systems programmer is an essential component of the job as well as holding trial runs of programs and software applications to assure that they will generate the preferred information so directives are accurate. Correcting mistakes by creating suitable alterations and re-evaluating the program to guarantee preferred outcome produced is also part of the computer programming job. He also assembles and writes documentation of program growth and succeeding revisions, giving commentary in the coded directives so that others can comprehend the program. Also, conferring with engineering, and technical staff to make clear program objectives, recognize existing problems, and recommend changes are also done on a regular basis, as well as writing and keeping up computer programs to handle particular jobs, such as storing or retrieving data, controlling other equipment or tracking supply. To guide subordinates in programming and program coding and to allocate, coordinate, and evaluate work and activities of programming staff is also the job of the computer programmer and part of the computer programming job.

In essence, computer programming is all about creating, adapting, and maintaining programs that most of us depend upon for both work and leisure. For these three functions, programmers are in great demand since industries and individuals are always looking for innovative and improved ways to make use of computer technology for many tasks. Browsing through the computer programming job description, one would surely agree that the job of the computer programmer is vital and indispensable in this modern and fast developing world.

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