A computer networking salary can be moderate or quite generous depending on how much training an IT professional has completed and what kinds of certification he or she holds. Though most entry level computer network administrators make somewhat of a modest wage, those who have rarer certifications or a wider range of certifications and training tend to make mid-level to upper mid-level incomes after only a few years on the job. To discover why this is, one must understand which types of certifications are in greater demand and which skills are less common in a general municipal area.

Depending on OS, current tech requirements and staff, and how old the systems are in general, a company may find themselves quite well positioned or severely lacking in necessary personnel. Standard computer networking salary expectations are directly related to how much a company demands from its staffer as well as how highly desirable that staffer is due to experience, skills, training, and certification. Obtaining certification is obtaining proof of knowledge. Wisely selected career paths and schooling with the necessary certification in mind can double or triple an individual’s value in the job market and therefore make salary expectations even higher.

Geographic location is another consideration when determining a computer networking salary. In more competitive areas like California, for instance, limited training equals limited income, but more training may not result in the same income an individual might make in a less tech-savvy area like the Midwest. It is also unadvisable to search for a job in areas with technical schools, where fresh graduates may find themselves willing to compromise on pay to stay close to friends and the familiar. The average entry-level computer networking salary, depending on geographic area, is around $35-40k, which is similar to some manufacturing positions. Experienced and well trained computer network administrators can expect to make twice as much in some locations.

A network administrator or engineer is an individual responsible for maintaining, implementing, building, monitoring, securing, and rescuing computer networks. Most who desire a decent computer networking salary pursue a degree in computer science and in many cases specialized certification. Network administrators should pursue regular training when software updates are available or when a company decides to change to a different OS.

Recommendations for obtaining highest level of computer networking salary is to receive the proper training and certification, pursue the position in an in-demand area, have great communication and interpersonal skills, know the basics inside and out, be able to work under pressure and with a deadline, pay close attention to detail and instructions, hone problem solving capabilities, and be a team player. In addition, experience, keeping up with new trends and technologies, and the desire to succeed is a definite plus.

The broader your skills, the more extensive your training, and the greater your enthusiasm will all equal a better computer networking salary. In addition, it is advisable to develop great organizational skills to help you perform better on the job. When you become the IT guru or go-to, that’s when you know you’ve made the best career choice possible, and one that will result in bigger paychecks, more respect, and a much more stable position in the computer networking field.

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