A computer hardware engineering career is one of the best jobs a creative and analytical problem solver can have. Computer engineers are the backbone of reliable technology that we enjoy today — creating, building and improving upon present technologies to make way for new ones. Is this the right career for you?

What computer hardware engineers do?

Computer hardware engineers develop, design, test and perform research to build or improve computer hardware, such as those that are used for computer systems, chips, circuit boards and the like. They are also responsible for computer hardware found in accessories such as printers and modems.

Computer hardware engineers are also called upon to supervise how computer equipment are built and manufactured. They are also tasked at analyzing and testing finished products to ensure that they conform with set specifications and to design and implement procedures and standards to correct and improve existing systems.

Computer hardware engineers are also relied on for technical support to other departments in their place of work, such as design, sales and marketing, product development and engineering.

Becoming a computer hardware engineer
A bachelor’s degree can set a graduate towards the path to becoming a computer hardware engineer. From there, he may opt to gain more knowledge and skills by completing a Master’s and a Doctorate. Students usually enroll in graduate degrees because they allow more room for promotions and higher salaries. Skilled professionals also have better chances at finding a job and landing a good position at a company of their choice.

Since this is an engineering course, a strong foundation in science, mathematics and computers are required of every student.

There are also certain personal characteristics that make someone a good candidate for a computer hardware engineer degree. People who find success in this field are often analytical, inquisitive, logical, creative, have good communication skills and pay close attention to details. Since computer hardware engineers usually work in a group, a strong sense of teamwork and good people skills are also required.

Working as a computer hardware engineer
The job of a computer hardware engineer is similar to that of electronics engineers, except that the former work mainly with computers and computer systems. Entry level positions often allow the newbie to work under a more senior engineer’s supervision. As experience is gained, more projects are given that will allow the computer hardware engineer to work on his own. Depending on his shown capabilities and skills, he may also be tasked to work with a team, often with junior engineers under his supervision.

As professionals, computer hardware engineers will find the most opportunities for employment in the manufacturing industry, such as in semiconductors, computers, computer peripherals, computer system designs and electronics.

Why you would want to become a computer hardware engineer?
Most of the advancements in technology that we enjoy today are the work in research and development by computer hardware engineers. This is a career that fits those who like innovation and thrive in change and progress. This is one of the most exciting fields to be involved in, one that requires up-to-date learning, progressive and creative thinking.

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