A computer engineering job can be an exciting and lucrative career to pursue for someone who enjoys developing new products as well as working with mathematics and sciences.

Over one million people in the United States are employed in computer engineering jobs. Working in this career field requires a thorough understanding of how computers function. Most computer engineering careers are preceded by a bachelor’s degree in computer science, informational science, mathematics, physical science or engineering. A master’s degree, additional training with certification and relevant experience can also help a person obtain a high paying computer engineering job. Some aspiring computer engineers will exclusively attend an engineering school for their education; however, this can be expensive and hard to get accepted in to. A career in computer technology engineering requires commitment and discipline if the person wants to achieve success.

Because of the constant changes in computer technology, a computer engineer must stay up-to-date with the current technological advances. Computer engineers may need to take additional training courses and receive certification in order to continue working at a high performance level.

A computer engineer can work as either a computer hardware engineer or a computer software engineer. As the career names indicate, a computer hardware engineer works with the physical components that make up computers while a computer software engineer works with the software programs that function on the computer technology.

A computer hardware engineer plans, develops, constructs and tests new hardware for computers. They may create items such as memory cards, internal processors, computer chips and circuit boards. After creating these items a computer hardware engineer may also oversee the manufacturing and installation of these components. The median yearly salary for this job is $97,000 according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is one of the top paying jobs for college graduates straight out of school.

Computer software engineers design, develop, test and demonstrate computer software programs. They may create programs such as business application software, computer games, computer operating systems or financial management programs. The opportunities in this field are extremely diverse because there are many programs needed by all sizes of businesses, consumers and government agencies. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for this job field is $85,000 per year.

The salary for a computer engineering job will vary based on multiple factors. The amount of relevant work experience, the training of the individual, the quality of work that the person produces, the location of employment and current economic conditions can all affect the salary of someone working in a computer engineering job. New York and California are some of the best states for computer engineering jobs because they are highly populated with technologically advanced businesses and many of the newest products come from those areas. The areas that are more high-tech have the highest demand for computer engineering jobs. Most people who work in a computer engineering job will work full-time in an office or laboratory setting. Occasionally, some travel may be required, especially for training sessions or product demonstrations.

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