Technical drawings are used for all kinds of projects and are created by so called drafters. These drawings can be used to design all types of things, ranging from complete buildings to cars or other objects. In order to create these types of drawings so called CADD, software is used, which enables the drafter to render the object on a PC, showing proper sizes and the exact dimensions. This is known as Computer Drafting and design.

The many types of Computer drafting and design careers can be divided into four main categories; architectural drafters, electrical drafters, mechanical drafters, and one last category for all other types of drafting professions that do not fall under the other three categories. While the highest Computer drafting and design salaries are reserved for the electrical drafters, the lowest Computer drafting and design salaries are paid out to the architectural drafters. An average yearly Computer drafting and design salary derived from these 4 categories is an average salary of $ 49,012 per year.

CADD drafters usually are graduates from colleges and schools of trade, because universities do not offer degrees in CADD drafting. Degrees obtained in engineering or architecture often include CADD drafting as a part of the program. Companies almost always go for the college graduates, because they are less costly then a fully educated engineer.
As experience on Computer drafting increases, so does the salary. With a starting Computer drafting and design salary of $ 30,000 per year, it will rise to approximately $ 60,000 yearly upon retirement.

The larger the employer, the higher the pay. This certainly goes for technical drafting. When working for a small company with approximately 50 employees, on average a Computer drafter will earn between $35,000 and $45,000 per year. Compared to working for a large company, the difference is very high. A drafter working for a company with approximately 5000 employees would earn between $40,000 and $60,000 per year on average. Medium sized Companies in between these two extremes oddly enough do not differ that much when it comes to the Computer drafting and design salary. Compared to small companies the difference is quite minimal and almost not worth mentioning.

Employment expectations for drafters are slightly below average, because the employment rate for drafters has been predicted to rise approximately 6% compared to 11% overall. There are several reasons for this, like companies outsourcing their Computer drafting assignments to “low wages countries”, Cutting the Computer drafting and design salary costs significantly, and the introduction of CADD software that is easy to use, so that companies can decide to invest a small amount of money into training of their current workforce to do their Computer drafting jobs themselves, again cutting salary costs for hiring additional personnel.
Due to retirement of existing drafters, some job opportunities will still come available, and also specialization will be a deciding factor in obtaining a job as a drafter. Drafters with a background in architecture or engineering will have the advantage over regular Computer drafters looking for work in their area of expertise.

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