Computer animation careers are increasingly becoming more popular today than in the past. This may be credited to rising demand in many forms of communication media used in advertising, gaming, films and presentations. A potential animator must have excellent skills in design and art as well as familiarity with many of today’s popular animation software.


Computer Animation Types:

Computer animation is not only limited to a single medium, but to a large field including website design, video games, advertising, and business presentations. There are many types of careers in the website design field. Animators are hired to create compelling animated graphics, animated videos, and various online presentations. In the field of motion pictures, animators create character models, backgrounds, and overall animation concepts. Animators are also most likely needed in the field of advertising. Today, many businesses are saving money by creating animated advertising campaigns that cost less as opposed to using real-life actors and models. Computer animation careers can be in the form of freelance work. Today, there are many online job opportunities for talented artists. Freelancing can become a good source of additional income or a full-time income stream as well.

What is Computer Animation?

Computer animation is the use of templates, motion images, and logarithms to create moving designs, graphics and videos using computer software for input and electronic hardware for output. While many people think that this field pertains to 3D animations used in movies like Toy Story or Star Wars alone, the entire scope of the field is wider. For instance, a short flash presentation, a simple game application, and moving graphics are all part of computer animation.

Not anyone can venture into computer animation careers. First of all, the creation of compelling animation requires creativity, sensitivity to detail, expertise in computer software and sheer talent. These qualities are not always present in many graduates of computer-related courses. Artistic talent and high visualization abilities are definitely required, because if anyone with computer education background can delve into animation, then many will find it hard to make a career out of it.

Potential and Competition:

Computer animation careers are truly lucrative and highly rewarding. However, the intense competition in the field can really burn the prospective application to someone who is in the first stages of his career. Hence, it is a good idea to start looking for animation-related jobs as early as being in college. Computer animators earn an estimated $50,000 a year, but the values vary from one country to another. Freelancers who find high-paying clients can augment their annual income as long as they market their skills effectively.

Computer Animation Schools:

Getting a bachelor’s degree in computer animation can be quite expensive. So it’s wise to seek financial aid first and consider how much you can pay before applying for a degree. Certificate and associate programs are usually offered as an initial course of study, but most employers today usually hire those with higher educational attainments. To find the best computer animation school, always consider the quality of education they provide and see if their prices are affordable. Success in computer animation careers may depend on which school you get education and training from.


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