CompTIA Certification

CompTIA certification is an indispensible pillar of the IT industry. Several types of tests are available to suit every job description.

CompTIA is more than just a name, more than just another company. Since its establishment, CompTIA certification has become an industry standard. For employees and companies in the information technology field, CompTIA certifications are a stamp of approval and a promise of quality.

CompTIA certication covers a broad range of areas. There are tests and certifications available for just about any level of skill imaginable, as well as for every type of profession in information technology. The premise behind every type of CompTIA certification is simple: candidates take tests, which can have multiple sections or just one, and if they receive a passing score, they are awarded a CompTIA certification which will allow them to apply for certain IT jobs that require it. These tests are taken in official testing centers that are scattered across the US.

Types of CompTIA certification

Over the years, CompTIA has developed a whole slew of possible tests and certifications designed to fit niches in the IT field. Most of these test titles are self-explanatory of the materials they cover. The CompTIA Security+ certification test, for example, covers topics in computer security and access control. It is designed for those employed in areas pertaining to security-related work and was first developed in the early 21st century in response to the rising tide of security issues plaguing the IT world. Similarly, the CompTIA Linux+ certification is designed to test familiarity and ability on the Linux system.

Of the many types of CompTIA certification available, however, CompTIA A+ certification is undeniably the most popular and sought-after. In many ways, the CompTIA A+ certification can be viewed as a sort of

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