Comptia was created in the early 80’s when the personal and business computer was emerging as an important business tool. In the year 1982, Comptia, or the Computer Technology Industry Association was born. Created by microchip dealers, Comptia was simply a trade association in the beginning, but as the computer entered more and more businesses, the association grew to better meet the needs of both businesses and technology minded individuals. Today, the most renowned aspect of Comptia is its involvement with the modern computer certification processes for the I.T. industry.

A Comptia career is one that focuses on jobs that require professional I.T. certification. Like the license of a teacher or lawyer, professional certification are the credentials used in the computer industry to assure that the holder of said certification has completed a test showing that he or she has obtained the required knowledge through training or experience to obtain proof. Some of the certifications Comptia offers are A+, Server+, Network+, CTT+, Security+, Linux+, Project+, CDIA+, PDI+, Convergence+, and RFID+.

Comptia career certification in A+ is basically pursued for starter-level technicians. The exam is basic computer knowledge which includes general questions about network installation, basic networking, troubleshooting, computer repair and maintenance, peripherals, basic computer terminology, and how to behave professionally and communicate on the job. Training includes obtaining very general understandings of various common programs. An A+ certificate is an indication of basic computer skills.

Comptia career certification in Server+ focuses on server-specific concerns including both software and hardware. The server certification test includes questions about server setup, maintenance, software, hardware, upgrading, configuring, and emergency recovery. RAID, SCSI, and dealing with several computers on one server are also covered.

With today’s security concerns, a Comptia career in Security+ is a high demand certification. Access control, prevention, cryptology, network audits, and infrastructure are all covered on the exam. Individuals who focus on Security+ certification should be those experienced in the field or willing to train extensively as the security field is a dynamic and fast-paced specialty.

Comptia career in Network+ focuses on certification in network administration. From network setup to handling viruses or crashes, this test covers several basic network concerns. Exams are regularly updated to assure Network+ professionals have the latest network knowledge. Cisco and Microsoft certifications often accept Comptia Network+ certification plus Server+ fulfill pre-requisite requirements for pursuing them.

Comptia career certification in Linux+ is program specific. Linux is definitely an in-demand specialized knowledge avenue. The test is designed for individuals with over six months training in Linux and focuses on both software and hardware concerns.

There are many other career certification tests offered by the group. Comptia career certification in CTT+ is for professionals who plan to teach I.T. programs. CDIA+ certification is for various imaging techniques. Project+ is certification for potential project managers. PDI+ certification indicates that a professional has documentation involving the knowledge of imaging and document printing. Convergence+ is certification for broadcasting, video, telephone, and datacomm technologies. RFID+ is certification in the radio field. Whatever your Comptia path, certification offers plenty of benefits including resume perks and occasionally credits toward other certifications.

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