Trailers, television commercials, sales page videos, and other videos specifically made to increase sales and profit are considered commercial films. They are short, witty, attention grabbing, and persuasive. These quick videos are worth a lot of money to advertisers, which makes the skill set of graduates from commercial film schools highly desirable to employers. If you want to step into the world of marketing through the use of videos, consider earning a degree from a reputable commercial film school.

Anyone with a background in filmmaking can definitely become an asset for an advertising company that makes commercial videos. However, the right educational background provides the would-be professional with an edge over other job seekers who wish to start a career in this specific industry. A Bachelor’s degree in advertising and commercial film production is best suited for this purpose.

The curriculum of commercial film schools focus on the creation of videos geared towards selling a product, advertising an event, or representing and introducing a company. However, other related filmmaking courses can provide an excellent foundation. For example, taking courses in animation can be useful as many commercials today make use of computer animation instead of using actors.

For those interested in studying commercial filmmaking it is important to understand that there are many technical aspects that need to be mastered in order to succeed. Commercial film schools teach students about camera operation; lighting; video and sound editing; and video production.

Additionally, students are taught advertising techniques and concepts, script writing, and history of advertising. Conceptualization is also a major process in the creation of commercial films. Hence, students are taught how to come up with video ideas that capture the attention of consumers. The success of a movie, for example, starts with the creation of captivating trailers that persuade people to attend the movie in theaters when it is released.

Employment Opportunities

One of the great advantages for graduates of commercial film schools is the abundance of employment opportunities. Graduates can work in many areas of business including, broadcast media; corporations; feature film production; advertising media; camera operation roles; production roles; post production roles; video and audio effects; design conceptualization; and research.

Tips for the Student

It is important to have a passion for the commercial film industry. It does not only entail passion for filmmaking, but for the entire process of conceptualization, filming, editing, and so on. It is important to hone your creativity as well. Remember that commercial films are very short as compared to feature films and documentaries. It is imperative to learn human psychology; market psychology is an important aspect of advertising. Hence, in order to become successful in the field, one must also become an expert in human emotion, psychology, and marketing.

The diversity of topics covered in study at commercial film schools, from psychology to technical photography, often make this a very appealing degree to pursue.

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