Commercial advertising schools provide students with sufficient education and training to prepare them for careers in advertising, marketing, and related fields. The first step in having a successful career is to get the best education that fits your goals.

Commercial advertising aims to persuade people into taking an action, for example: to buy a product; to subscribe to a service; or to join a program or event. This can be done in many forms, but the most common involve the use of graphic arts and videos. Graphic design advertisements come in the form of posters, tarpaulins, banners, logos, and flyers. Commercial videos are short films that are usually aired in between television programs, but today, they are commonly seen on website sales pages.

Graduates of commercial advertising schools can develop fulfilling careers working at advertising firms, television stations, print media businesses, and Web development companies. There are many options within the world advertising, therefore, it is important to select an area of specialization that you are particularly inclined to succeed at.

Graphic Design Specialization

There are various courses offered at commercial advertising schools that can lead to a successful graphic design career. Some of the most notable include Bachelor’s degrees that major in digital art, fine arts, Web development, Web design, advertising design, photography, illustration, and the like.

Graphic designers can study how to paint and draw free-hand, however, most designers today learn to make use of computer software such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Computer software makes it easy for advertisers to create compelling and eye-catching designs that can be used as newspaper ads, wall posters, website graphics, or tarpaulins.

Video Production Specialization

Several courses in filmmaking can be used as an excellent educational background for study at reputable commercial advertising schools. Coupled with a major in advertising and commercial production is a definite plus. Commercial videos are extremely short; today, many commercials used in Internet video marketing are 15 seconds long. TV commercials are usually longer, ranging from 30 seconds to two minutes. Nonetheless, it can be valuable to learn how to capture the attention of viewers given a short span of time using motion pictures and sound effects should you wish to specialize in video production.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates from commercial advertising schools can find various career opportunities online and offline. Typical career opportunities include work as graphic designers for magazines and newspapers; video production assistants; video and sound editors; camera operators; researchers; script writers; concept developers; and freelancers.

Freelance opportunities are abundant, particularly on the Internet. Many online marketers are looking for people who can make compelling graphic design ads and video content for their websites. The pay is entry level for those just starting out in the field, but with an excellent portfolio, you can earn a lucrative income.

To build a strong portfolio of work, many graduates of commercial advertising schools become an apprentice for popular commercial advertising videographers or artists, to learn the ins and outs of the business. If you want to build your own business producing effective advertisements, it is important to learn the business secrets first hand. Work as an employee for an advertising firm first, and then start your own when you are ready.

Commercial advertising schools provide the fundamental skills and knowledge you need to start a successful career in advertising. Of course, you need to sharpen your creativity and conceptualization skills. At the end of the day, all it takes is patience and determination to gain success.

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