Attention all prospective art students: Columbus is a great place to live and study!

Find inspiration in the wonderful opportunities available at the art schools of Columbus, Ohio! For anyone wishing to study the arts – including general art, fine art, art history, art education, graphic design, ceramics, printmaking and also dance, music and theatre – Columbus offers a fine range of exciting courses at its art schools. With six universities and colleges running art and other creative learning programs – Columbus College of Art and Design and Capital University to name but two – Columbus is a great choice for the budding artist, the ambitious entrepreneur and the prospective teacher. 

Each of the art schools in Columbus has a distinguished pedigree and continues to be awarded for their innovation and excellence: In 2008, Ohio State University’s College of the Arts won the GCAC Artistic Excellence Award for their Urban Arts Space and its opening exhibition ‘Midnight Robbers: The Artists of Notting Hill Carnival’. Tam Patterson, from Columbus College of Art and Design received this year’s Award for Teaching Excellence out of a total of fifty-five nominees, an outstanding achievement and further proof of the atmosphere of brilliance in the educational facilities of Columbus. Furthermore, Capital University is home to the famous Schumacher Gallery, which exhibits fascinating collections of contemporary, Asian and Inuit works of art. Stunning original graphic works by the likes of Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin and Francisco Goya can also be found there. 

 Not only does the city of Columbus champion art education, it also boasts a rich and varied artistic scene. There are many galleries, and the city is home to all kinds of innovative experimental artists. Of significant importance is The Columbus Museum of Art, which provides challenging new exhibitions alongside displays of past masters and the work of local artists. Students at any of the art schools in Columbus are free to enjoy its wonderful collections. It is currently exhibiting a range of stimulating work, including ‘Kojo: Fifty Years in Photography’, a show of the Ohio photographer’s politically and socially relevant work, plus over sixty works by George Tooker, whose painting ‘The Subway’ brought him to worldwide eminence. The city is also host to the vibrant Columbus Arts Festival and the charming Easton Art Affair, both of which are attended by many each year.

The city of Columbus and creativity go hand in hand; the options available to potential students are varied and most of all, inspiring. Excellence in teaching and the quality of resources existing within the art departments at the Columbus universities is simply outstanding. Artistic spirit is at the heart of Columbus. This is evident in its artists and in its universities. It is apparent in its galleries and in its museums. It is realized through the Greater Columbus Arts Council’s generous grants and outreach programs. The city truly lives and breathes art, thriving on creativity. Columbus is perhaps unique in this way, ideal for those in pursuit of a successful career in any aspect of the arts. Inspiring options await creative spirits who wish to study at any one of Columbus’ fine art schools.


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