The goal of this article is to explain how to go about getting your Interior Design degree in Colorado, and what kind of opportunities will be available after graduation.

Listen up all you décor disciples in Colorado! Your state is currently providing some exciting opportunities for the aspiring Interior Design student. Whether you’re looking to take on big city life in Denver, or perhaps add a little spice to places like Fort Collins and Grand Junction, there are some top notch Interior Design Schools that will get you on the fast track to success!

With the ever-growing population in Colorado, there is always a growing need for more trained Interior Design professionals. There are many options available for your design education, and I will only take time to mention a couple schools in particular. Remember that doing your own research is very important when it comes to finding the school that fits your unique style and needs.

Art Institute of Colorado – Geared toward the busy design major and located in Denver, The Art Institute of Colorado provides a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design with an option for weekend or night classes. They also offer an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Kitchen and Bath Design. As far as Interior Design Colleges go, the Art Institute of Colorado is an outstanding option for the Interior Design major. They are committed not only to getting you ready by offering foundational classes in basic drawing and design, but their computer tech programs will certainly help jump start your plunge into the professional world of design.

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design – This impressive school provides an in-depth and a thorough foundational basis for those looking to ingrain themselves in the nuances of décor. This enriching program is geared toward getting you ready for National Council for Interior Design Qualification. The RMCAD treats Interior Design as a very serious profession, a blend of social skills with natural sciences. It is self-described as “rigorous yet rewarding.” You can rest assured that RMCAD is 100% passionate about helping you achieve your NCIDQ certification.

No matter which Interior Design School you chose, you will be learning the ins and outs of the decorating business from professionals that know the trade. Most Interior Design programs these days focus on a mix of vital components involved with design. You’ll be drawing, drafting, studying art, science, history, and learning how to expertly craft your own designs on computer software. Rest assured that whatever design job you apply for; you will be exhaustively prepared for the rigors of your occupation.

After graduating from a fine Colorado design institution, you will be wondering where to go from here. Don’t worry about being stuck in a boring entry-level position for years. There will be a wide array of jobs available for you. You may start as a space planner, assistant designer in the residential or commercial fields, or a facility planner. After you gain your necessary experience, you can move on to an architectural firm, design firm, you can work in furniture shops or start your own business! The possibilities are endless when you’re an Interior Design professional in Colorado!   

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