Colorado has always been known for the beautiful Rocky Mountains and awe-inspiring scenery.  Add to that natural beauty, diverse and growing cultural communities in cities such as Denver and Boulder and you have a state that is becoming a great place for artists and designers. It is also an outstanding place to study fine arts, graphic design, and other creative fields of learning. Study and earn Colorado graphic design degrees in a beautiful and dynamic state.

There are several schools and colleges that offer degrees in graphic design across the state of Colorado. There are different degrees you can earn in the graphic design field including, graphic arts, web graphic design, graphic design and multimedia, and a bachelor of science in graphic design.  Many colleges offer classes at night or online so you can continue to work while earning your degree.  Financial aid is often available to qualified students.  Most of these colleges also offer job placement assistance subsequent to earning your degree.

Salaries for an entry level designer start at approximately $25,000 and go up as you gain experience.  The higher paid graphic design professionals earn around $100,000 to $120,000 per year.  The highest paid positions in the field are those who work as the creative head of a design firm or as the head of an in-house corporate design department.  In these positions, you would need to be prepared to work long hours and take on a great deal of responsibility and accountability.

Most of the jobs for graphic designers in Colorado are in the Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins areas.  Jobs are harder to find in other parts of the state.  Beauty often inspires creativity; Colorado graphic design degrees will start you on the road to a rewarding career in one the most gorgeous locales in the world.


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