Cindy Sherman (b. 1954) is one of the top photographers, recognized for turning the camera on herself, creating an interesting social commentary through her artwork on the roles of women in society, life, and work. Her photographs have become some of the most expensive pieces sold, and her work has been exhibited in galleries the world over, including New York and San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art, the Kunsthalle Basel, and more.

Sherman began her studies at the State University College at Buffalo, focusing on a degree in painting. However, she soon realized that the medium was not her passion, instead choosing to pursue photography. Shortly after graduation, she turned the camera on herself, portraying “characters” and archetypes that would come to represent her signature style.

Considered a progressive force in photography, her works have inspired many and continue to push boundaries. Sherman has contributed album artwork and has accepted roles in various films, and has worked as a film director.

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