You’re living in Ohio and looking for a place to learn the art of film making, then look no further than the Cincinnati film schools.

Located in Southwestern Ohio, Cincinnati offers a little bit of everything, and can accommodate any taste. It is an ideal place to raise a family and a great place to get an education. With two renowned and reputable colleges to choose from, Cincinnati film schools are among the top film schools in the nation.

Cincinnati film schools all have common areas of study which include: Foundation skills in drawing, design, composition and typography, digital image creation and manipulation, scriptwriting and storyboarding, camera and lighting techniques, studio and location video producing and directing, non-linear audio and video editing, audio recording and mixing for video, motion graphics and animation, web scripting and interactive design, media delivery systems, including DVD authoring and streaming media, and a wide range of other general education courses. But to get specific, if you’re looking for the film school that’s right for you, then you’ve got two choices in Cincinnati that stand out among the rest.

At The Art Institute of Ohio, you can gain the knowledge you need to succeed and the experience you need to stand out among the crowd. With a facility built in 2004, you with have the latest technologies at your disposal and work in an environment that breeds excellence. Classes are lead by experienced and qualified professionals who will pass on the art of film making to those under their tutelage. The program is flexible and takes about two years to complete and incorporates lectures, field trips, one on one instruction, demonstrations, and in-depth tutorials.According to their website, “The Video Production program is intended for students who are committed to creative visual storytelling, effective communication, mastery of video production equipment and computer software, and who enjoy working in a highly collaborative environment.” If this description fits your vision of the future, then make sure you check out The Art Institute of Ohio.

If The Art institute of Ohio doesn’t meet your taste, then have no fear. Options and diversity are the hallmarks of Cincinnati film schools. Try exploring the opportunities available to those who attend Brown Mackie College. With programs including Audio/Video Production, Audio/Video Technician, and Graphic Design, you’re sure to find the degree that fits your needs. The greatest aspect of an education at Brown Mackie is the flexibility they afford their students. Choose their one-course-a-month schedule and you’ll be able to complete a class every 30 days. Their small class sizes also ensure that your specific learning needs are never overlooked and you’ll get the most benefit possible for your time and money. Brown Mackie also schedules their courses to fit around your work schedule so you won’t have to put your income on hold. With a history of over 110 years and proven teaching methods that have led the school to grow to 20 locations nationwide, you are guaranteed to succeed with a Brown Mackie College education.

The film industry is not only an exciting place to work, but it can offer you the kind of success and benefits that can help you live the life you’ve always wanted. It doesn’t come easy, but it not far from reach. Consider these Cincinnati film schools and make your dreams turn into realities faster than you ever thought possible.


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