Careers which are challenging, lasting and lucrative can develop from many different educational backgrounds, not necessarily or specifically those establishments which are termed as universities. Many technical schools in Chicago offer classes and degree programs specifically designed to meet the needs of those practical and technical minded students who wish to avoid a 4 year study in academic based establishments in order to get on the career ladder as soon as practically possible. Chicago technical schools have 2 year and sometimes even shorter educational programmes which can provide an excellent grounding for career development to those who may not want to work in the academic professions or research-intensive establishments.

Chicago technical schools offer an ever-expanding list of technical classes and technical degree programs, from graphic design to computer programming. There is a wealth of opportunities and numerous choices of Chicago technical schools which can offer a vast range of job opportunities not just through their learning programmes but also through career development programmes. This can cover a wide range of areas from the arts industries through tourism, building and related trades, automotive, hospitality and medical. The entire list of Chicago technical schools, programmes and eventual career paths is exhaustive so here are a few pointers and advice on the types of jobs available through Chicago technical schools.

A trade is an occupation which usually employs skilled labor and these trades would be encompassed by, for instance carpenters, builders, electricians and plumbers. Studying at Chicago technical schools could present an excellent grounding in these very essential work areas since the study programmes and reference resources are job specific.

Further areas of expertise that can be created from technical schools in Chicago:
Auto mechanics and technology, real estate sales, property management, chef and bar tending, medical office and administration – even aviation, tourism and travel agency. Arts and design career opportunities in Chicago technical school can be explored in graphics, photography and even gallery management. Home design courses can be studied in Chicago technical schools providing a good basis for a lucrative career path working for and alongside builders and architects.

Plenty of the Chicago technical Schools have available courses in not only automotive, but also related industries skills such as welding, air conditioning and refrigeration repair and development Again an even broader career outlook as a result of education based at one of the Chicago technical schools skills will provide opportunities for accounting, computing skills, beauty, hairdressing and massage therapy

The Chicago technical schools all pride themselves on their success rates – meaning not just pass rates but also smoothing the path into important and rewarding careers. The Chicago technical schools hold job fairs, portfolio development workshops and career counseling programs. They also maintain close links with new and established businesses and past graduates, to ensure that the graduate from any of the Chicago technical schools has a smooth transition from education to job development.

One of the most famous technical schools in Chicago is the Coyne American Institute. Established in 1899 this is one of the Chicago technical schools which provides a job assistance program and also financial aid to those who qualify. Offering training in electronics, electrical, construction, refrigeration and air conditioning as well as medical assistance and administration education.

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