If your passion is games and gaming, consider training to become a Video Game Designer. With so may game design schools to choose from in the greater Chicagoland area, studying game design in Chicago is an exciting possibility for many potential design students. Each school reflects its own unique personality and offers exclusive and elite benefits to students.  Certain schools specialize in providing design students with a well-rounded ‘playable portfolio’ while others offer programs that are more focused in areas of academic interest for transfer credit to a four year university. The key to finding the Chicago game design school that is a good fit for you is to decide the area of study most interesting to you, as well as the path you seek to follow, and do your research to find the school that offers programs most closely aligned with your goals. 

Located on Clark Street in the center of downtown Chicago, Flashpoint offers Chicago game design students a two-year terminal program with a very well rounded curriculum. After two years, the student will have worked with all aspects of game design and development, including engaging in “definitive collaboration” with members of the visual effects & animation, film and recording arts departments. When the student completes the program, they are expected to have a professional portfolio to carry them on into their new career.

Some Chicago institutions of higher learning offer academic tracks designed for students interested in game design. Columbia College Chicago offers a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design four-year degree through their Interactive Arts & Media program. Students work in highly collaborative environments to learn the culture, esthetics and theory of games that encourages originality in content informs their work.

To begin the process of choosing the best Chicago game design school for you, first visit the school’s website. Investigate the programs available to students and the requirements for acceptance. Next, request any additional information you may need and make an appointment to speak with an admissions specialist. Prepare a list of questions prior to the conversation with the specialist.

When considering a game design school in Chicago, students must always consider travel costs. Take a day or two and visit your top three choices in Chicago game design schools to visit them in person. By traveling to the school, you will have a better understanding of the ease of travel to and from the campus. Moreover, you will get a feel for the personality of the campus. You will meet students and faculty and possibly be able to sample some of the student’s work. Call the respective design school to see when they will accommodate tours.

Selecting a game design school in Chicago is no easy feat as there are so many from which to choose. Weigh the factors that are most important to you and select your game design school after thoroughly researching all of your options. The one thing all Chicago game design schools have in common is that they all offer outstanding and engaging programs for the up and coming game designer.


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