There are a few important things you should look into, if a career in fashion design is what you’re opting for. You’ll want to do some further research about the different Fashion Design Schools out there, the subjects you’ll be required to study, and of course-the numerous careers available to a fashion design graduate.

Are you the type of person who has a great sense of style, or a constantly coming up with new ideas for new and trendy fashions? Do you have an eye for garment materials and the elements that make it unique, such as colors and textures? Are you someone who has the ability to visualize a garment before you have the chance to sketch the idea onto paper?  If you possess any of these qualities, or have a strong interest in more than a few of them, you might enjoy a career in the fashion industry, and might very well benefit from attending one of the many exceptional Chicago Fashion Design Schools out there.

The fashion industry is a 50 billion dollar industry that combines a collaboration of efforts from a variety of sources including, but not limited to, designers, pattern makers, buyers, merchandisers, and sewing machine operators. A fashion designer is someone who creates and designs clothing, accessories, or even entire clothing lines. Fashion Design is not the only career choice available when it comes to working in the fashion industry. Patternmakers, textile specialists, merchandisers, and stylists are just a few of the many employment options in the fashion industry that are available for graduates of a Chicago Fashion Design School.

If you are one of these highly creative minded types who are interested in attending a fashion design school, but are not sure how to choose the right one, always remember that there are a few basic guidelines you can follow.  When looking for a fashion design School or fashion design program, always take into consideration the location, the cost and length of the program, and the reputation of the school. It is a smart idea to attend a Fashion Design School of your liking, in an area where you plan to eventually settle down. By doing this, you are enabling yourself to make important contacts while in school and making sure that you have the opportunity to receive local job placement assistance after graduation. A Chicago Fashion Design school would be a smart choice for an individual who wants to see any of these opportunities in their future.

A student in any field of the fashion industry can defiantly look forward to some exciting times, but must also realize that in this type of program, there will be many technical aspects that will be studied as well.  While attending most any of the Chicago Fashion Design Schools, some of the major topics an aspiring designer will likely learn will be Art and Fashion History, Principles of Design, Portfolio Preparing, Professional Practices, Sewing and Garment Construction, and Computer Aided Fashion Design.

Now that you know the qualities you’ll need to possess, the career choices available, and the typical coursework taken by a student of a Chicago Fashion Design School, you should probably figure out which school you actually want to attend. You already know the major factors to look at when choosing a Fashion Design School that is right for you, so let us narrow down the choices a bit.  Chicago, Illinois offers a variety of Fashion Design Schools and many other Design related colleges. 

The benefits of attending a Chicago Fashion Design School, are that even though Chicago is a big city, it is still affordable. The schools have hands-on pedagogies as well as industry veterans as instructors, and the smaller class environments allow their students to receive more thorough training than they might in a larger classroom.  It is also worth mentioning that the city of Chicago created Fashion Focus (Chicago Fashion Week).

No matter what area of the fashion industry you decide to study and build a career in, remember that this industry provides everyone with a variety of options, wonderful schools, and a whole lot of excitement.


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