Are you a practicing real estate appraiser or looking to enter the real estate appraisal field? Find out how to become licensed AND watch your clientele drastically increase.

The Appraisal Institute

25,000. That’s the number of members helping to advance the real estate appraisal profession by joining the Appraisal Institute located in Chicago, Illinois. Whether you’re looking to pursue a career as a licensed real estate appraiser, or share a common interest in the appraisal profession, the Appraisal Institute has much to offer!

What is the Appraisal Institute?

Established in 1991, the Appraisal Institute is a major contributor in American real estate appraisal work. They have set the industry’s standards in terms of quality appraisal; even holding a government relations office in Washington, D.C, in order to encourage state legislators and government officials to adopt certain appraisal policies that would best serve the interest of the public and industry. With this extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, the Appraisal Institute looks to educate people interested in furthering their career as a licensed real estate appraiser. Whether you’re just starting out as an appraiser trainee, or are already working towards receiving an MAI or SRA designation, the Appraisal Institute is equipped to give you the education you need to succeed. Speaking of which

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