Chet Zar (born 1967) is an American painter. Zar is best known for his digital and special effects work, which has been featured in music videos and live shows for American art metal band Tool. Before dedicating most of his creativity towards creating fantastic oil portraits, Zar worked in the film industry as a sculptor, make-up artist, and designer. His work has been featured in films such as “The Ring,” “Hellboy I & II,” and “Planet of the Apes.” As a longtime fan of fantasy and horror films, Zar’s work tends towards the darker themes. His oil paintings reveal fantastic characters, both grotesque and frightening. However, his work also exudes a bit of twisted playfulness, a bit of dark humor, and interesting beauty. Since 2000, Zar has moved on from working within the film industry to focus on his paintings. Most paintings are based on his drawings, and most paintings are created with oils and canvas.

Zar’s work has been exhibited in group and solo shows in Los Angeles, New York City, Berlin, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, and more. In addition to exhibits, Zar also participates in live paintings and hosts creative seminars. His first book, “Black Magick ? The Art of Chet Zar” was released last year by beinArt Publishing. He is also one of 50 contemporary artists featured in beinArt Publishing’s “Metamorphosis 1” collection. For more information, follow Chet Zar on Facebook or Twitter. Find more examples of his artwork on his personal website. Zar currently lives and works in California.

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