Studying Interior Design in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Interior Design is the study of design relating to all things on the inside of a structure. The interior designer draws on various strengths such as environmental psychology and product design to effectively do their job. It is a general misconception that interior designers choose the color of paint for walls and pretty furniture with lamps for accentuating. While these cosmetics are an essential part of interior design, it is not all there is to do.

Indeed, interior design includes not just furniture and decorating, but also structural design such as with windows, doors, finishes and cabinets. An interior designer works closely with an architect from the very beginning of a project, ensuring not only that a space is aesthetically pleasing, but also structurally sound around its inner workings and functional without looking like the inside of a rundown warehouse.

If you are looking to study interior design, and are thinking about moving to Charlotte in North Carolina, the Art Institute of Charlotte (Ai) may be exactly what you’re looking for. The Art Institute of Charlotte offers two courses in interior design; one is at a degree level, as a Bachelor of Arts, and one is a diploma course in the form of an Associate of Applied Science.

The topics covered in both interior design courses equip students with abilities in the aspects of 3D interior design of all commercial and residential spaces. The courses include focus on lighting, perspective, cultural contexts, color theory and building codes, among other concepts of study.

The Queens University of Charlotte also offers a comprehensive Bachelor of Arts degree with an interior design major, and also opens interior design courses for post-graduates from any accredited institution on a non-degree basis. Courses included in the major as part of the core requirements are an introduction to art, fundamentals of interior design and high renaissance art to the present time. There is also designing for light and the environment and an internship. Electives include business practices for interior design and an international experience study tour. A minor in interior design is also offered at this university, with courses involving 12 hours of core requirements and 18 hours of electives.

There is a focus on 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) at both institutions.

Interior design students are ready for careers in a variety of sectors: commercial, residential, theatrical, retail and healthcare interior design just to name a few. It is a career that can be undertaken all over the world, giving those who choose interior design an opportunity to travel and offer their expertise across the globe.

Other courses of interest may include photography, graphic arts, graphic design and Web design. Other schools in North Carorlina which offer excellent interior design courses outside of Chalrotte include the Art Institute’s Raleigh campus, Western Carolina University in Cullowhee and Meredith College in Raleigh. Various online courses are also available, but it is important here to ensure that the institute offering the interior design course is accredited and offers a comprehensive course or degree.

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