Exploring graphic design schools in Charlotte, North Carolina
Once the decision has been made to explore further studies in graphic design, the student, easily, feels overwhelmed by the vast number of programs, colleges and universities, available.  In today’s competitive environment, studying at a Charlotte Graphic Design School provides students with much needed advantages. 
This article will look at the varied possibilities at a Charlotte Graphic Design School.  The demand for superior technical skills is growing rapidly. Web page, game, advertising and logo design are sought after skills in the ever changing business world. A graphic designer has many career options ranging from working for an established firm to a self-employed entrepreneur.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics a Bachelor of Art in graphic design is required for most entry- level positions. For certain technical positions an associate degree in graphic design would be sufficient. 
Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina, but it contains a small town feel, which makes it ideal for the serious student. Colleges and universities in Charlotte draw students from all over the United States and even abroad.  
With so many top of the range schools available, it won’t be difficult for a prospective student to find the perfect course. 
Potential students have to keep in mind that graphic design is a versatile field. The knowledge of computer programs for design is compulsory to succeed in the demanding employment field.  The Graphic Design Schools in Charlotte prioritize the use of the most recent design programs. Adobe Photoshop, Quark, Illustrator and Adobe Dreamweaver are a few of the popular programs. A versatile student has a better change at solid and well remunerated employment.
The Art Institute of Charlotte
The Art Institute of Charlotte is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. 
The Art Institute offers a variety of design programs. There is a choice between a certificate, associate degree and a bachelor’s degree, in several design fields. Graphic design, web design or multimedia design would interest the inventive student. Cinematography and Film Production is a highly creative field for students who are looking at combining their creative powers with the lucrative film industry. Students at the Art Institute of Charlotte come from all over the world to receive the best education.
 Student housing is comfortable and the shared apartments are very popular.  The apartments are close to the Art Institute and within easy reach of entertainment, shopping and dining venues. Excellent campus security provides a safe environment for all students.
Piedmont Community College
At this design college the Advertising and Graphic Design curriculum presents the student with the necessary skills to enter future employment with confidence. The emphasis is on design, advertising, illustration, and multimedia.
ITT Technical Institute of Charlotte
The ITT Technical Institute offers bachelor’s and associate degrees in design.  At the Charlotte campus an associate degree is available in information technology and multimedia.  The course offers a wide variety of subjects, which will give the student the opportunity to be more versatile and skillful. While graphic design and multimedia studies are strongly represented in this course, the student will also have an opportunity to learn more about computer programming. This will be an advantage to graphic designers focused on using computer design programs. Class sizes vary between 20 and 40 students per class, which allows for individual attention.
Other Colleges and Universities
King’s College offers a graphic design program and Strayer University focuses on web development. The University of Phoenix has multimedia and visual communication as their field of expertise.  
At a Charlotte Graphic Design School, every potential student would find the ideal graphic design program, he or she would like to pursue.
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