Full of creativity? Charlotte’s Game Design schools are gateways to first class careers  

It’s not surprising that Charlotte includes inspiring game design schools among its many colleges.  This is a city that looks to the future, and the 16 colleges and universities in and around it are exploding to keep up with the vibrant expansion of the area. The University of North Carolina in Charlotte is now ranked as one of the top ten up and coming universities in the US.

The innovative field of game design is in line with this forward looking attitude, and Charlotte’s game design courses can open the door to a wide variety of fascinating careers in an ever-expanding modern industry.  

Game design is so many-sided that it has become an essential tool in today’s business, technology, education and entertainment.  No matter how a student’s creativity tends to express itself, it can find an outlet in such careers as 3-D illustrator, game designer, storyboard artist, animation artist, digital artist, FX artist, modeler, video post production artist and broadcast graphics designer.

The world wide video games industry, for example, is now worth billions of dollars and needs hundreds of thousands of developers.  Today’s video games are not just a leading part of popular entertainment.  They are vital tools in cutting edge advances in computer science, and are also used widely in education, for training in many occupations and as a basis for valuable research. This industry is growing constantly, and with it the demand for gifted, multi-disciplined game designers.

The two main game design schools in Charlotte aim to meet this demand.  They are the Central Piedmont Community College, which offers a two-year course, and the University of North Carolina, which provides an undergraduate certificate leading if wished to a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.  Both these game design colleges lay emphasis on providing a thorough grounding in the technical aspects of game development. 

At Central Piedmont students can include a 40-hour Game Simulation and Development course in the Information Technology program.  They learn about industry trends and create a number of small video games.  The course leads to certificates with a variety of specializations such as SG Linux, Flash or MMO programming, Level Design, 3D Modeling and so on.  

UNC Charlotte’s game design program, called The Playground and headed by a first class faculty team, aims at providing game developers with practical knowledge of the industry as well as extensive training in game design principles and techniques.  The program enables students to work with artists and writers in order to to bring interactive games to life. The four required courses in game design, computer graphics and development are followed by specializations in artificial intelligence, graphics, networking or computation.

Game design courses should be backed up by a variety of other studies, and both these colleges can offer a range of courses in art and graphic design, mathematics, psychology, marketing or whatever else is required to round off the specialization chosen

Students who enroll at these game design schools will also find that Charlotte provides an exciting cultural and urban environment to work in.  Proud of its Southern charm, it has an excellent choice of music, theater and art events, an energetic night life and endless opportunities for sports and recreation of all kinds in the surroundings.  And most importantly, the constant stimulation of a really diverse and state-of-the-art learning experience.


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