Whether you are pursuing a career in graphics, acting, screenwriting, or another area of film production, Charlotte’s film schools offer a wide range of academic experiences to start you out right.  Situated in the cultural heart of North Carolina, the film schools of Charlotte offer students the opportunity to study under professionals, hone the skills required of individuals in the film industry, and immerse themselves in the rich cinematographic culture of the area. 

As with all university experiences, determining which film program will best serve your needs is a critical step in achieving your education and career aspirations.   Fortunately, there is plenty to choose from in Charlotte.  On one hand, the programs at the Art Institute of Charlotte and the ITT Technical Institute offer students the opportunity to work in classroom environments under the supervision of skilled instructors, while on the other hand schools like The Film Connection provides students with a chance to work in the field as on-set apprentices to professionals in their disciplines. 

The Film Connection pairs students with professionals to develop students’ educational experiences through one-on-one mentorships and on-set study.  Costing only $7750 in total when paid in full, The Film Connection is a cheaper alternative to traditional undergraduate education.  In addition, The Film Connection makes its programs accessible to students with time constraints such as alternative employment by working with them to tailor coursework around personal schedules.  Students in Charlotte work with trained professionals in local production companies, learning the fundamentals of film making through hands-on projects, and rather than vying with other students for recognition in the classroom, Film Connection students receive one-on-one, personalized education all of the time.  In addition to the networking opportunities that they receive throughout the course of their education, Film Connection students are given further advantage as they receive job placement aid for up to a year after graduation.

Like the Film Connection, the Art Institute of Charlotte and the ITT Technical Institute provide students with access to professionals in the field, though unlike the Film Connection’s students, ITT Tech and AiC students do not have the benefit of one-on-one interaction with their professors.  For students who thrive in competitive environments, this is hardly a detriment. In classroom-based schools such as these, students enjoy the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with their classmates, learning from one another and further developing potential professional ties.  Curricular work at the Institutes is highly structured, so for those seeking a more traditional education experience, schools in this category provide a better fit.     

As home to several annual film festivals dedicated to discovering and rewarding unknown talent, Charlotte certainly provides aspiring film students with ample opportunity to promote their work.  Furthermore, numerous movies and television programs film in Charlotte each year, granting Charlotte film students even greater opportunity to establish themselves in the industry.  Combined with the quality, affordability and flexibility of film education offered in the area, the strong history of cinematography in the city gives Charlotte film schools a distinct edge.


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