Creative? Love fashion? Launch your career!

Ready to follow your passion for fashion? The fashion schools of Charlotte, North Carolina are here to help you get the education you need to succeed in the fast-paced world of fashion and design. Charlotte offers many campuses to choose from and several internet options in which to learn. The colleges offer different curricula that teach you all phases of fashion. From design to marketing to merchandising and beyond you’ll learn from industry professionals and have your finger on the pulse of the fashion industry. The Fashion Schools of Charlotte are there to help make your dreams come true.  Companies know that to have a top notch education is the first step to a great career. These professionals look to Charlotte’s fashion graduates to fill positions in their companies due to the reputation that these schools have. If you have the passion and drive to succeed and want to learn the skills to create a career then this is the way to start. Charlotte’s schools are there to help you acquire the skills you need to achieve your dream.

You’ll not only learn valuable career-making skills but you’ll also make friends. You’ll have opportunities to network with others that are entering the same field and are as fashion-forward as you. The program at Charlotte Fashion Schools all encompassing curriculum will help you create for yourself your professional portfolio and you’ll immerse yourself with men and women who are like you: with a love for fashion!

In Charlotte you’ll be in one of the most vibrant areas of the United States with southern charm and a great night life. Charlotte not only offers great schools but there is also plenty of opportunity to get to know the area beyond school. You and your friends can attend world class concerts, restaurants, and clubs.

To find the school that is right for you simply decide whether the campus life is for you or learning from home. Then decide which program fits you best. There are many programs of study which are offered. Not only is there fashion there is photography, interior design, art, ceramics, as well as all visual arts. So if you’re ready to go to the next level and pursue your ambition the schools of Charlotte are ready for you!

The Fashion Schools of Charlotte not only give you the tools to succeed they are there to help you launch your career with resume-building opportunity. The city of Charlotte is home to the annual Fashion Week. Based on the shows in Paris and Milan, Charlotte’s Fashion Week is a place where art and fashion come together. This event provides an opportunity to showcase new talent and is a way for you to get involved. Not only do you get to attend a top school but there are opportunities galore with ways to practice what you are learning and your new found skills in a professional environment. So what are you waiting for? The Fashion Schools of Charlotte are looking forward to working with you!


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