Charlotte Art Schools Amongst The Best In The World

With a temperate climate to boot, Charlotte is a city that is dedicated to enhancing a well-established art scene. With one percent of annual council budget dedicated solely to promoting the arts, Charlotte is an exciting city to study the Arts. There is no shortage of arts experiences here which is why Charlotte Art Schools attract the very best students every year.

There are numerous opportunities to gain a world class art education amongst any one of the universities, institutes, schools, galleries and studios in Charlotte. Each facility has something slightly different to offer so they cater well to the specific needs of the individual. The University of North Carolina is the largest art school in the state offering degree courses in a wide range of arts such as Art Education, Art History, Ceramics, and Photography. At the same time the University offers classes in the more traditionally academic fields of learning. The ITT Technical Institute offers multimedia training in an environment that prepares for career opportunities specifically in the field of Information Technology.  The Art Institute of Charlotte focuses solely on training in all fields of design, media arts, fashion, and culinary arts. In addition, there are plenty of non-degree schools that offer the opportunity to simply work and learn from established artists. There is a diverse range of opportunities amongst the Charlotte Art Schools to cater for any combination of arts interests.

Why choose Charlotte Art Schools over those of Los Angeles or New York? The ‘Queen City’ is considered by many to be the cultural hub of the Carolinas.  It has many galleries and studios set amongst an abundance of design companies and advertising agencies.  This leads to many open doors for newly qualified students, especially amongst the local businesses and wider community. Whilst the physical distance from other large centers may be considerable, that distance has nurtured a thriving and collaborative art scene. This has produced a foundation of artistic ideas that are uniquely Charlotte. Attending a school of arts in Charlotte presents the perfect background for either seeking work in the local area, or if moving out of it, an opportunity to bring a fresh and unique outlook to the arts scenes in other areas.
Art Schools in Charlotte make training in the arts as affordable, convenient, and supportive as possible.  They offer a wide range of qualifications and flexibility in order to gain them.  The Art Institute offers an undergraduate degree in Interior Design which for most courses results in a certificate or associate degree. They also offer online, evening, and weekend classes. Strayer University offers working adult students a flexible academic program without too much interruption to their personal or professional lives.  Many of the schools have career services that assist with career planning and support. Brochures or more information on many of the art schools in Charlotte can be found or requested online.  Charlotte Art Schools are well-endowed with the facilities required to give their students the very best start possible in their chosen fields.

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