The city of Charlotte can be described as captivating, colorful and cosmopolitan. The cultural attraction that Charlotte offers in its mix of people from across the country and the world adds to the city’s southern charm and by doing so attracts students to its varied academic institutes. And as one of the largest financial centers in the United States it’s only fitting that students would enjoy the diversity of going to an architecture school in the captivating metropolis that is Charlotte.

For undergraduates and graduates looking to pursue a degree or higher degree in architecture, Charlotte North Carolina would be an ideal place. It is full of culture, design, has a growing business community and the schools in the area are developing themselves to grow with the community to provide leaders for the future. Considering an architecture school in this area will bring you to consider some of the Universities and colleges located in Charlotte.

The University of North Carolina, the Art Institute, Central Pedmont Community College, and Queen’s University Charlotte are all options with programs in architecture or graphic design that are compatible for the eager to learn student. This mix of Universities and Colleges offers Certification, Diplomas, AA all the way through to Masters degrees.

The School of Architecture for example based at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, will give students of architecture the chance to explore how architecture can affect their everyday life. The school offers students an open atmosphere to be creative, explore opportunities, research and become leaders and creators of tomorrow in their field. Offering Bachelors in Arts science and Maters in Architecture programs, graduates can go on to varied and fulfilling careers in architecture which would include design and planning.

Another option, The Art Institute of Charlotte has an architecture program that can be considered a creative and diverse architecture program. Offering both AA and BS degrees in design the Art Institute of Charlotte gives students the view of architecture as an art form. You can learn to be creative and aim for a career in design where you can express yourself in your work. As one of Charlotte’s schools for architecture, the Art Institute of Charlotte would be a great choice for the artistic student who wants to work and see the environment as part of their designs.

Other schools that offer programs in architecture are the Central Pedmont Community College which was established in 1963. At Central Pedmont not only will students be prepared them for work in the construction and design industry but as a Community College Central Pedmont offers a variation of courses from diplomas and certifications for students which means that they can take Architecture technology courses which will include CAD (computer-aided draft design), and go through the competencies that will help students gain access to accredited courses at architecture schools.

Queen’s University of Charlotte is another school with an architecture program that would assist students along the way to realizing their dreams of becoming architect. A more traditional school completing studies here would be part of the Art Department under the Graphic Design program. This program would offer the interested student the skills, knowledge and foundation for to progress in their chosen architectural career.

In studying architecture at one of these schools in Charlotte students will be inspired to learn, study and grow in and outside the classroom. Architecture programs in Charlotte given at various levels all the way up to Masters so there is definitely an architecture school that will meet the needs of many. Pursuing a degree in architecture at any of these school not only leads to designing and constructing of buildings but graduates can also have productive careers in environmental planning, Building Research, as a Building Inspector, Architecture journalist or historian, Surveyor and much more.

When looking at the architecture schools in Charlotte that’s the right fit for you explore the program options available and how that relates to your ultimate goal. In short there are architecture schools in Charlotte that will cater to the divers interests of students, have varied teaching styles and qualification levels and also set in and around Charlotte gives graduates the culture and architecture to enjoy whatever program these schools can offer.


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