Chantal Powell is a sculptor and installation artist currently living and working in Southampton, Hampshire. Powell received a PhD in social psychology. Through her work, Powell explores the intricacies of human interaction and emotion. Noted for seductive and feminine installations and sculptures, her artwork has been exhibited throughout the UK. Her work has been featured at The Royal West Academy in Bristol, the OCCCA in California, and the 53rd and 54th Venice Biennales. She also contributed work for a display at London’s Saatchi & Saatchi building.

Powell is interested in creating works of art that communicate a sense of romanticism and emotion, to consider objects and ideas in a new way. Her work is theatrical and magical, incorporating such elements as artificial flowers, peacock feathers, mannequins, and other various golden-painted found objects. Learn more about Chantal Powell by visiting her website, or follow her on Twitter or Pinterest. This year, Powell will be creating a major installation for the Guildhall Art Gallery. Her work is currently on display in Burning Bright in the Saatchi Suite at The Hyatt Regency.

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