CCNA Training in Queensland Australia. Differing courses and prices. Employment opportunities.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Training is the first step in obtaining CCNA certification and becoming a CCNA-accredited professional. Completion of CCNA Training contributes to a full IT course or degree and assists in employment within Network Engineering areas.

There are many ways in which training may be completed these include University, Tafe, Online or through conjunction of workplace training and study. Many facilities offer courses that contain a mixture of both class attendance and online training, study and projects. Education providers offer all of the necessary training needed to gain Certification in CCNA. Cisco Certified Network Associate certification is necessary to confirm understanding and knowledge of networking and is obtained by passing the CCNA exam.

During training, students will gain knowledge, skills, and techniques that include: networking – how networks work, configuration, verification and troubleshooting, interswitch communications, router operation and routing on Cisco network devices. Training also incorporates administrative tasks for Wireless LANs, various protocols, identification of security threats to networks and instruction on how to alleviate any threats.
Students are given various projects and activities to complete either individually or as group assignments, including real world situations that will to enable students to practice and gain hands on interactive skills and experience

Network & system administration, engineering and design, professional security, help desk and desktop support are among the various areas of employment that are available upon completion of a training course and certification. Persons with CCNA certification are able to install, configure and operate a wide range of networks from small local areas to medium or more extensive areas.

Before starting to gain a qualification in CCNA it is important to be familiar with all the relevant information pertaining to the chosen course. Some courses are more theory orientated while others have a more hands on approach. Study times do vary depending on how in depth the chosen learning experience is, and what qualifications the student already holds. Training courses start from six weeks and can take up to four years.

Costs associated with CCNA Training do vary upon which course is chosen. Prices range from around $500 for a course that has no hands on experience to $5,000 for an in depth course. Assistance with fees is available within Australia for Nationally Recognised Courses through Aus Study. Not all education and training facilities include the price of the final exam in their fees; so it is best to inquire about what is included and any additional costs associated with doing the course eg. textbooks; before enrolling in the course. Most education facilities take enrollments throughout the year, however several do enable students to start at anytime.

The University of Queensland offers three different courses depending on the qualifications and knowledge that the student already has. The first course offers no hands on experience and students need to be extremely motivated, this course is good for those who currently use Cisco devices but need certification. The second and third courses are catered to students who want to gain knowledge and experience to work in network engineering.

Cengage offers the Cisco CCNA training course fully online, while EXCOM education offers the course via a combination of both online and facility study and focuses solely on providing IT training. Seek learning can assist with various other education providers that offer CCNA training.
CCNA tutors and mentors are available to support and assist with the different demographics of the course.

In order to gain certification in CCNA an exam must be passed. Exams must be done through a Registered Testing Centre. Exams may be done either as one full exam covering CCNA1-CCNA4 or as a two part exam CCNA1-CCNA2 & CCNA3-CCNA4.

Since companies are more willing to employ someone who has the necessary skills, and techiniques required to fulfill certain job positions and roles, training and certification in CCNA should be considered; as it provides a qualification for future employers and recruiters, and shows specialisation in IT and technical skills.

Other registered courses that are available to assist in IT training include CCNP, CCVP, CCDP, & CCIP

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