Many people dream of stepping into the chaotic world of the film and media industry.  With a degree in Film, Movies, and TV, that dream is easily within reach.  Your career choices don’t have to place you right under the Hollywood spotlights, either-you can work backstage behind the scenes, delve into real-life news reporting, or even find work in your own studio.

Director – In the film world, directors hold the most high-profile job.  And rightly so: their position puts them in charge of overseeing all creative aspects of a movie, from hiring the right actors to choosing the right locations. Directors need strong leadership abilities and the talent to communicate exactly what they see to their team.  They are in charge of taking the concept of a film and actually putting it on the screen.  Directors look over the script, decide how to interpret it, help create storyboards before filming, and also make major creative decisions during and after filming takes place.  As a film director, you will be required to multitask and have your eye on everything at once.

Set Designer – For those graduates with a more hands-on artistic bent, the position of set designer allows you to put those abilities to use.  You will be in charge of building the film set and creating an environment with just the right look.  This starts with sketches and quickly grows to choosing props and painting and building backdrops.  The position of set designer requires an ability to balance many elements at once: you will need to consider budget limitations, work with the director to ensure that his or her concept is correctly represented, manage the crew that puts the physical pieces together, and work with the script to make sure that your set is a faithful recreation of whatever style, mood, or historical period it is modeled after. 

Editor – The editor’s job begins after all the flurry of planning and filming is over.  As an editor, you will work together with the director to make sure that the final product is as clear and polished as it can be.  You will be in charge of the flow of the movie: choosing and discarding the best and the worst scenes, stringing everything together in the most coherent manner, and making the crucial decision of how long a film will ultimately be.  An editor is responsible for putting the entire filming crew’s efforts in the best possible light.

News Anchor/Reporter – If all the flash and glamour of the movie industry isn’t for you, many students with a degree in Film/Movies/TV choose to take the news route instead.  As a news anchor for television, your primary role is to read newscasts as part of normally scheduled programming.  You will, however, be required to improvise coverage during live broadcasts, sometimes under high-stress situations.  Some stories will also require the ability to conduct background research on your own or with a filming crew-this is where research and interview techniques also come into play.  As the face of current news, an anchor or reporter carries a great deal of responsibility.

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