The wonderful states of California offer more than just sun sand and sea. Nestled within its vibrant towns and cities are some of America’s leading industrial design schools. If you are hoping to build a successful career within the field of industrial design, possessing both the technical skills and theoretical knowledge behind industrial design is crucial. Schools within California aim to provide amazing academic opportunities to ensure you acquire these skills with ease. The inspiring work of an industrial designer is constantly present within our daily lives. Building on an artistic nature, the industrial designer utilizes their mechanical skills to result in new or improved consumer products. Industrial designers aim to utilize pioneering methods or concepts to improve or assist the functioning, cost production, or aesthetic appearance of a product. Due to the designer’s humanistic approach relating to safety aspects, production time, environmental impacts and various engineering components, their work is greatly appreciated across the board by both manufacturers and consumers alike.

Californian schools provide an ideal educational option for everyone. Certificate and Diploma courses are available for those looking to sample the area before committing to a longer period of study. Choosing short course avenues can provide a solid foundation to commence your educational path while assisting you in gaining college credits at a later date. For the industry driven professional there are an abundance of nationally accredited degree level programs that can be taken to suit your personal situation. Full time, part time, on-campus, online or a mixture of all four can be utilized in order to achieve your goals. Tutors are highly qualified with industry experience. Classes are facilitated within state-of-the-art learning environments and frequently allow students to experiment with a ‘hands on’ approach through areas that mimic true industry settings. Internships are encouraged on most course syllabus allowing students to develop their textbook theories.

Each school aims for you to gain the maximum possible out of your individual learning experience and upon completion of your studies many encourage the compilation of industry orientated portfolios; this will become an invaluable asset upon entry to the working world. Graduates may avail of California’s prime location when trying to land their first entry level position as an industrial designer. Throughout the state, small firms, large companies and independent contractors are eager to snap up fresh talent with innovative ideas. After young designers feel they have strengthened their skills, developed their portfolios and made invaluable industry contracts, they may choose to broaden their scope and enter the world of freelance. California has so much to offer tourists and students alike during their spare time. From the sunny shores of Orange County to trekking in San Diego or soaking up the cultural arts in Los Angeles, California has something to offer everyone during their free time. Inspiration can be easily absorbed on a daily basis through the natural beauty and tasteful developments that surround you. The yearly favorable climate encourages many outdoor activities from swimming, surfing, and fishing to camping, rock climbing or paragliding. Fashionista’s can revel in the endless options of shopping facilities from small local boutique to the chic stores of some of the top international designers. The ethnic diversity within California has led to an explosion of festivals and colorful celebrations occurring on a regular basis ensuring you will never have a dull moment.

If you believe you have what it takes to become a top industrial designer, allow a leading industrial design school in California to help you achieve your success.

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