Mention California and most people think Hollywood, movie stars, sunshine and beaches.  And to tell the truth, they wouldn’t be far off.  California has long been recognized as the center of the movie and television universe, with most major studios located in the greater Los Angeles area.  But, it’s not all about acting when it comes to creativity in California.  

Someone has to creatively package and sell these entertainment products, and that takes the work of a graphic designer.  With the great need for these skills, it is no surprise that there are many California Graphic Design Schools to choose from for those with an interest in entering this exciting field.

Of course, the world of a graphic designer extends well beyond the entertainment industry.  Think of nearly every product that can be purchased today, and think about what went into creating the packaging for it.  Or maybe it’s the logo for a favorite sports team.  Or what about the catchy designs on the letterhead of a prominent business?  Each of these, as well as many more types of businesses, requires the skills of a creative graphic designer.

By studying graphic design you will acquire the skills to create designs that can effectively communicate a message through visual means.  This spans many media types, from print to television to the digital world of the internet. Courses might include topics such as web page design, digital illustration, layout and modeling, as well as effective communication skills.  

If you are creative and artistic, and want to pursue this interesting world of multi-media, then take some time to explore the California Graphic Design Schools to find the best fit for your needs and budget.  Many graduates of these programs do end up working in the California entertainment industry,

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